Morganite - A Magnificent Gem

With its alluring pink hues, and girlish blush, Morganite is fabulously feminine. A member of the Beryl family, like emeralds and aquamarines, it was originally known as pink beryl, rose beryl, pink emerald and cesian beryl. In 1911, that changed when gemologist George Kunz of Tiffany & Co., suggested that it deserved to be recognised as a gemstone in its own right. Named in honour of the millionaire bank tycoon and mineral collector John Pierpont Morgan, this gem is prized not simply for its hues, which remind one of dawn breaking across the heavens, but for its rarity as well.

Known as a pastel-coloured gem, Morganite boasts hues of the softest pinks, tinged with violet, peach and orange. If heat-treated, those colours intensify into deeper pinks and purples, as the heat drives off the yellow or orange tint, resulting in a stable colour that won’t fade. When choosing a Morganite stone, look to colour first as this is the most important criteria when determining its quality. The size of the stone is also important as it impacts on the richness of the stone’s colour. One truly appreciates the beauty of its hues when viewing larger stones. As Morganite crystals can be very large, it is more common to see larger faceted stones, unlike many other coveted gemstones. While the Morganite stones can be cut in all the modern shapes, it is the skilful hand of the lapidary (gemcutter), which allows the subtle colours of the Morganite to radiate from the stone.

With its romantic colouring, it’s no surprise that this gemstone is believed to nurture feelings of love and increase tenderness in a relationship. It is also thought to enhance one’s communication skills and provide patience and focus during stressful periods.

Today, the majority of Morganite comes from deposits in Brazil, Madagascar, Afghanistan and California. It has excellent wearing qualities with a good hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale.

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