New Luxury through Legacy Gems

It has long been said that certain cities never sleep, but it can now be said that the world never sleeps. Constant innovation is occurring across all industries and ingenious concepts that ensure their relevance in ever-changing times are being forged.

 At Jenna Clifford we are spearheading the trendiest service in the jewellery industry, Bespoke Remodellings. This process involves taking your unused or unwanted jewellery items, such as gold, diamonds and other precious stones that have been inherited or gathered over many years, and converting them into magnificent new heirlooms that will withstand the tests of time. 

Designed to appeal to your personal aesthetic taste as the wearer, remodellings afford you the opportunity of utilising the value of your existing jewellery assets, whilst simultaneously creating something splendidly new. In this way, your jewellery remains contemporary and still importantly honours the sentimentality that is imbued by the original pieces that were personally contributed.

This process requires absolute expertise and can only be performed with the utmost craftsmanship. As a family business that has been greatly esteemed for providing over two decades of uniquely exquisite custom creations and personal designs, you can rest assured in confidently entrusting us to pour our legacy into the performance of this intricate and specialised service.

To find out more about our Bespoke Remodelling Service, you are invited to book an obligation free appointment with a consultant at one of our luxury boutiques, which will entail a discussion around your existing jewellery and an introduction to the Bespoke Remodelling process.

Book your appointment today for an inspirational and delightful sensory experience, which will ensure that your jewellery possesses unrivalled artistry and finesse .





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