Twenty Things I Wish I Knew In My Twenties

Life Tips for my Daughters


Dear friends,

With being a mother of three beautiful daughters, and recently becoming a granny as well, I feel the need to impart some wisdom to all the young women and daughter of the world. I have put together a list of things I wish I knew in my twenties. Feel free to join the conversation and add to this list!

  • Your twenties is a time to explore and grow.... You don't need a wife/husband while you are finding out Who You Are
  • Society does not have all the answers. Don’t make assumptions based on what you have been told is true. Read more and challenge your thinking. Out of the box thinking is powerful.
  • Strum your own drum as long as it injures no person or animal.
  • Be brave by following your dreams.
  • Take up public speaking. Get over the fear!
  • Develop friendships with people who are older than you, in addition to your peer age group (Oldies have life experience).
  • Travel to broaden your experience and cultural insights. If you can’t afford to travel or don’t want to jeopardise “career building time” - travel on the travel tv channel, you will be amazed at what you can learn from the comfort of your own home.
  • Read success stories of people who have done something extraordinary or significant  -  find out what their strengths are and what motivates them - teach yourself the behaviors and essence of those people.
  • Work more than two hours extra than your Peers on a daily basis. It pays off. You will see that in your thirties. (Those that work extra hours are streets ahead.)
  • Practice delayed gratification (saving to buy the right thing at the right time). We are a consumerist generation and in this life you will come to know that less really is more.
  • Be careful with how you spend your time. Don't go to the opening of an envelope. Don't go to every silly party. Rather read or spend time with a mentor who you can learn from. Time spent with family and loved ones is never time wasted.
  • Don't purchase an animal in your twenties. These are the years you can enjoy a relatively care free and responsibility free existence. Having an animal is like having a child (it’s a big responsibility).
  • Save your money.
  • Eat clean. Don't eat junk ( stay away from processed and fast foods). Everything in moderation works for most.
  • As obvious as it sounds - don't drink and drive. If you are planning to go wild, make 100% sure you are in a safe space.
  • Take additional courses or classes. Or find a hobby. Personal growth enriches your life.
  • Continue exercising, it helps greatly in your latter years!
  • God is not a Male! We are all made in the image and likeness of God – both males and females. God is love. Any religion or act not in synergy with the principles of love, it not Godly.
  • You Are A Child of God. Read Marianne Williamson’s poem everyday of your life to remind yourself of your value and purpose for this planet. Use Mother Earth to contribute, not to extrapolate.
  • Integrity – if there is one thing you should strive to have in our life, it is this.





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