4 Non-Diamond Engagement Rings that are still a Girl’s Best Friend

4 Non-Diamond Engagement Rings that are still a Girl’s Best Friend

Your eyes find hers and they lock, you nervously kneel down and reach for that tiny box filled with all the love you have to give. As the realization hits her, her eyes light up and she gasps for a breath of air. You clear you throat with confidence and prepare to ask THE question…

Now, getting to this point is a notable milestone for most. You put all your heart and soul into planning the proposal and you want to make sure that everything is undeniably perfect. The location, the timing and the delivery, but one of the most important and crucial parts is, undoubtedly, the ring. While most traditional brides dream of the perfect diamond engagement ring, the non-traditional brides have something a little different in mind. Not to worry though, we have a simple guide to help you make the correct decision for your non-traditional bride and make her ring dreams come true. 

Before jumping in and getting her the first ring you see, consider her lifestyle, personality and her taste. While these non-diamond engagement rings are beautiful and unique, some are softer than others while others are more durable and all are a more cost effective alternative. 


Sapphire Engagement Rings

These beautiful blue hued gems are perfect for working in a little bit of sentimental value. As the September birthstone is a sapphire, it would be perfect for a bride that was born in September or if you plan on a September wedding. Sapphires are scratch resistant and impressively durable. They can be used on their own to make a bold statement or combined with smaller diamonds and stones to create a softer look. 


Morganite Engagement Rings

With the recent rose-gold trends, this gemstone would be perfect for a soft and romantic bride. The stone will ensure a timeless romance as well as keep your bride looking trendy. The gemstone has soft pink hues which perfectly compliment a dainty and delicate ring design. They are durable within reason and should be carefully considered before doing any activities where the ring could be damaged. 


Ruby Engagement Rings

When we think of passion, red will always spring to mind. It is, after all, the colour of love. This would be the perfect way to incorporate additional passion into the proposal. The classic deep, rich red will always serve as a reminder of the passion you both feel. It is a powerful and elegant look best suited for a bride with a bold personality. It can be worn on its own or inset with a soft halo made of smaller stones. This gemstone is from the same gem family as the sapphire, so rest assured, it will be durable and scratch resistant.


Tourmalinated Quartz Engagement Rings

These stones are perfect for a one-of-a-kind bride, with their amazingly unique patterns, this ring really will be one-of-a-kind. They are clear quartz with tourmaline inclusions. These tourmaline inclusions grow deep underground while the quartz develops. They make a romantic yet dramatic statement. They are perfect on their own, as the unique patters might make the ring a bit too busy if smaller stones are used with it. They are slightly softer than the other stones mentioned, so caution will need to be taken when using the ring. 

Thinking outside the box for an outside the box bride can be daunting, but by breaking the consideration process up like this, it will give you a clearer idea of what she will love. Remember to consider her taste, personality and lifestyle before considering a non-diamond engagement ring. 



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