A Closer Look at Square Cut Diamond Rings


A Closer Look at Square Cut Diamond Rings


Getting engaged is one of the most memorable occasions in a person’s lifetime, and picking the right engagement ring for you sets in motion a journey of love and commitment, laying a foundation for what will hopefully be years of successful marriage ahead. While there are many shapes, cuts and styles to choose from, many opt for square cut diamond rings, especially so with their natural grace and elegance, as well as their increase in popularity in recent years. Let’s explore this particular cut of ring, discussing price point and overall value, before pointing you in the right direction to buy one for your loved one.


What is a Square Cut Diamond Ring?


Square cut diamond rings are essentially rings where the stone is cut into a four sided shape (with each side of equal length). These are well known to be a little more contemporary than their traditional counterparts. Feelings of nostalgia aside, a square cut ring remains a great choice to celebrate any special occasion, but particularly so when it comes to an engagement or milestone events. These rings are considered to be fairly versatile and the nontraditional approach means that you can wear it during both formal and informal occasions in your schedule. 


Why The Square Cut Diamond Ring is So Popular


Square cut diamond rings have become so popular with the younger generations, partly because of its nontraditional appeal, while in no way taking away from the glitz and glam brought on my diamonds in the first place. Many people have opted to buy square cut diamond rings as gifts, considering they are not conventionally associated with wedding rings as much as other cuts have been. Square cut rings also come in a range of sizes, with an array of customisation options available, to compliment the overall aesthetic as a whole. It’s safe to say that these rings are here to stay, particularly so with their popularisation in modern culture and on the silver screen. 


The Price Point of a Square Diamond Ring


Round diamonds are generally known to be more expensive, followed by oval, marquise, and other cuts. Square cuts, while not cheap by any means, does tend to be slightly more affordable. Naturally, this depends on the size of the diamond, whether you want a gold, silver or platinum ring, and also on the overall customisation you would like on the ring. A square cut diamond ring is a timeless investment, indicative of your commitment to you partner, and also bringing with it an air of sophistication to you both as a couple.


When It Comes To Buying Your Next Diamond Ring...


The best thing you can do is to explore a few quotes online, but to also pop into your nearest jeweler (like Jenna Clifford) to explore the range they have available. If you’ve been to one of their flagship stores, you’ll know what we mean. Once you have a better sense of what you’re looking for, and once you’ve asked all the questions you have (their consultants are well equipped to give you all the information you need before deciding to make a purchase), you’ll be a step closer to your special day. If you’re shopping on a budget, it’s well worth enquiring about their online and in-store promotions, as you may just strike it lucky depending on the time of year. Other than that, you’re well on your way!



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