A Complete Guide To Cufflinks

A Complete Guide To Cufflinks

Cufflinks have been around for centuries, proving to be an item of jewelry that has made it through the ages, securing the dress shirts of men from all walks of life, and making them comfortable with wearing a piece of jewelry, be it made of glass, stone, leather, metal, or a combination of elements. In recent years, cufflinks are back on trend in a big way, with modern designers providing an even wider range of customised options, giving men the chance to explore themselves creatively, not only for work, but for in their personal lives as well.

A Brief History of Cufflinks

Appearing first back in the 1600’s, cufflinks predominantly rose to popularity at the end of the eighteenth century. As men’s shirts became more common, protecting the skin against the heavier fabric of jackets and coats, it also gave rise to more decorative elements in terms of design, opening up new ideas like frills, ruffs and embroidery. As the 19th century took hold, the bourgeois class in Europe wore a dark suit by day, and a dinner jacket by night as what can be considered to be a rule. This gave rise to the modern cufflink, which provided a solution to securing your shirt, without having to place a button and worrying that the shirt will be too tight at some point. Cufflinks were mass-produced during the industrial revolution, making them available in a range of price categories, and ultimately, being popularised everywhere.


Why Cufflinks Are Trendy Again


While one could argue that cufflinks have never gone out of style, there is perhaps a shift in the modern day worker being more casual at work than they might have perhaps been in a previous generation. The millennial generation, while still having an eye for good design, is more likely to be smart-casual at work (rather than overly formal), especially if they are in a startup environment. That said, there are two specific elements giving rise to the popularity of cufflinks again. One, a lot of parents and grandparents are passing down cufflinks as gifts, which is not altogether new, but still plays a factor in getting the conversation about them going again. The other, is an increased sense of personalised style, and personal pride. More people are wanting to showcase their unique style, especially in a world of social media, and cufflinks are the ultimate way to show grace, elegance and that you’re a fashion forward gentleman.


Types of Cufflinks To Consider


While many jewelers focus on rings and other traditional options, Jenna Clifford provides a beautiful range of cufflinks for you to explore, be it for a gift for a loved one, or for yourself. In essence, there are a couple of types of cufflinks you can consider, each providing a unique element of style and class. Ask them about the practical differences between bullet back, fixed back whale back, locking, stud/button, knotted, ball return or chain link cufflink types. It’s also worth going in with an idea around where you would like to wear cufflinks. Some types are better suited towards corporate, while others are a little more flashy, and appropriate for a night out. By defining your cufflink style as a first, you’re able to showcase a part of your personality, while also showing that you take your self care seriously. Go get ‘em, tiger!



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