All About Zircon: The December Birthstone

All About Zircon: The December Birthstone

Birthstones are all the rage again in 2020, and these days more and more people are exploring gems for their engagement and other milestone rings. The December birthstone, Zircon, has some interesting qualities that has made it popular among the younger generation, including being a beautifully colourful gem with high refraction. Considered to be somewhat of a “fire” stone, it is often confused with cubic zirconia (which is man-made), especially when it is polished. So what else do we know about this gem? Let’s delve into the world of birthstones, finding out more about the hidden qualities of zircon, and where it may be appropriate to gift it to someone.

What is a Birthstone? 

If you’ve never heard of a birthstone, never fear. A birthstone refers to a gem (or gemstone) that represents someone’s month of birth. Often worn as jewelry or a pendant around the neck, a lot of people feel somewhat of a spiritual and emotional affinity with their birthstone. It is also a popular gift that unites people who are born in the same month, with some more eccentric communities around the world hosting fairs encouraging those with the same stone to attend and connect with people of all walks of life. Birthstones are mythical, but growing in mainstream popularity, especially due to their affordability when compared to a more traditional option, like a diamond. 

The Hidden Qualities of Zircon

Zircon consists of a collection of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. It is unique as it occurs in a range of colours, with a brightness and shine that rivals that of more expensive gems. Apart from being used as the December birthstone, the element is almost mined and used for industrial purposes, as well as in some homeopathic remedies. Zircon occurs naturally in yellow, red or brown, but heating and irradiation can also turn it colourless, blue, green and multiple other colours on the spectrum. 8 out of 10 zircon stones sold these days is blue, largely because of the popularity of the colour itself. 

Who You Should Buy a Zircon Ring For

If you’re intrigued by this stone, and are wondering who you could be buying this for, the obvious answer it to look at your friends and family and see if any of them are born in the month of December. The beauty of this gem is that it is one of the oldest ones in the earth, having been mined in Australia millions of years ago. That makes it great for traditional engagement rings as well as milestone event gifts. Buying someone a ring with a gem always encourages a conversation about the origins of the stone, and Zircon, in its rich diversity, is no different in this regard. Going the alternative route in terms of gifts can be risky, but also extra special, especially if the person is relatively open-minded. 

Rings, Rings and More Rings

Whether you’re looking for a zircon ring, or are just exploring the different types of options out there before making a purchase, jewelers like Jenna Clifford are a good place to start to get you on your way. With ongoing specials and discounts through their mailing lists, as well as offering great deals around the festive season, Black Friday and more, you may even be able to score a good deal in the process. Zircon buyers are often looking for something bespoke, which is what Jenna Clifford specialises in. Feel free to discuss your needs with their consultants, who will be happy to assist. 



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