Behind the Lens

Nicole Laxton, the photographer behind the latest Jenna Clifford perfume campaign was awarded a Craft Gold Loerie award in 2017 for her photographic artist book on Sarajevo. As a photographer, she’s passionate about informing, inspiring and amazing her clients with the work that she produces. She is dedicated, passionate and sometimes a half-crazy individual who is willing to give all of herself to make sure that she captures what needs to be seen and what needs to be known.

For Nicole, image is king. She can think of no greater honour or privilege than to use her creativity to enhance and grow brands and individuals that are willing to trust her to tell their story.

It is important to work with a photographer and team that will take the time to understand what it is that you are trying to achieve with your brand and use their knowledge to elevate your ideas into a strong concept that has to reach busy and distracted consumers. Having a design background has given Nicole a thorough understanding of how brands work and how photography should be used as a tool to enhance a brand or person's image.

Nicole prides herself on developing strong and authentic creative concepts for every brand and individual client that she works with, whether it’s a brand campaign or styled engagement and wedding shoot, a fashion commercial or collaboration with other talented artists.

Her content is always based on sound research and a strong vision with her client’s needs at the forefront of her focus. Her photographs tell a story and are always incredibly compelling allowing people to react to them. Her love for fashion and fine art has a strong influence on her photographic style. The work she produces is always inspired by something grand and driven by meaning.

Nicole works with an established team of talented stylists, make-up artists and other experienced image-makers to ensure that she can offer her clients the services they require. She approaches every project with professionalism and passion. She believes in excellence and her work speaks for itself!

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