Bespoke Jewelry as a 2020 Trend


A Hidden Gem: Bespoke Jewelry as a 2020 Trend


With 2020 right around the corner, social media is abuzz about some of the jewelry trends to expect in the new year. While many influencers are focused on the types of jewelry, including cuts and stone sizes, we’re interested in a form of self expression that has been around for ages: bespoke jewelry. These days, if you’re not expressing yourself through your clothing and jewelry, then what are you doing? More often than not, people get hung up on similar pieces and following trends. But what about designing something for yourself? Something that is uniquely you? Let’s explore this, considering the rise of bespoke jewelry as we head into the next significant decade. 


What is Bespoke Jewelry?


While the word itself has a rich history, it has mostly been featured in marketing for companies offering milestone items, in particular from tailors and jewelers. Bespoke refers to the ability for the product to be 100% unique, and a product of your own imagination. Working closely with a designer, together you will hand-design a unique, one of a kind piece customised to your needs and desires. Bespoke jewelry, which tends to be a little more expensive than what you would find in the store itself, gives you the chance to get something completely unique for your special occasion, adding to the fairytale and giving you exactly what your heart desires.


Setting a Trend for Bespoke Jewelry


Not many jewelers in South Africa offer bespoke jewelry, but one that does, is Jenna Clifford. In fact, the business started back in 1992 with exactly this in mind. Before they were in stores all around the country, this family business was solely focused on providing bespoke jewelry to clients they were commissioned to design for. This is because craftsmanship has been a part of the business right from inception. As it grew over time, they branched out into stores around the country, and now run one of the most popular jewelry websites in South Africa as well. Their flagship stores in Morningside and Pretoria speak for themselves, but still have an air of leaning towards custom designed pieces.


Make Your Next Piece of Jewelry Totally Unique


If you’re thinking of buying your loved one an engagement ring, your child a graduation present, or if you’re wanting to reward yourself for a year of hard work, then a bespoke piece may be the way to go. When choosing from various materials, custom designing the engraving and perhaps asking for something a little “out there”, you’re creating something unique for the person you’re buying for, while also honing in on those creative skills, which may be dying to be dusted off. 

Bespoke pieces are truly one-of-a-kind, and Jenna Clifford is a champion and providing this, regardless of your occasion or needs. If the internet is anything to go by, 2020 will see an influx of young people wishing to design their own jewelry, so make sure you get ahead of the trend. Visit them today to learn more about the process, and happy designing!



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