Celebrate Heritage and Renewal


Keep all special thoughts and memories for lifetimes to come. Share these keepsakes with others to inspire hope and build from the past, which can bridge to the future.

- Mattie Stepanek


There is something wonderful about sitting on the bed with your daughter, opening up your jewellery box, and lovingly going through it piece-by-piece, sharing treasured memories through the stories behind the jewellery. Remembering the heirlooms worn by grandmothers and mothers, now passed on to you, and that will one day be passed on to her.

For many of us, who are lucky to have pieces we’ve inherited, there is a strong sentimental attachment. While the style of the jewellery may not be to our tastes, it is difficult to think of parting with these precious treasures and the memories that we associate with them. Sometimes though, it feels like a waste, if they simply lie silently in velvet pouches, in safes or hope-chests, simply being passed from generation to generation. In days gone by, pieces like these would have been sold and new pieces, more contemporary, relevant, and appealing, bought with the proceeds.

Today the movement towards remodelling of these heirlooms is gaining momentum and many forgotten gems are experiencing a re-birth in a magnificent bespoke design.

For 25 years Jenna Clifford Designs has taken great care with the remodelling of sentimental pieces, breathing new life into them. Familial artefacts are set free to bring renewed joy to a whole new generation, at a fraction of the cost of new jewellery. Each bespoke creation is a result of careful reworking of the original stones, and a transformation into contemporary, fresh designs, in tune both with current trends and the wearer’s personal style.

To find out more about this exciting process or to book a consultation contact info@jennaclifford.com or follow the link.

Our birthday gift to you!

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Happy Spring JC friends and happy heritage month!


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Mabel Tyne

Mabel Tyne

Would you be able to make the following ring for me. I just want onthe gold bands

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