Celebrating Timeless Class With the Asscher Cut Engagement Ring: A Review

Celebrating Timeless Class With the Asscher Cut Engagement Ring: A Review

As the twenties roll round again, so has one of our favourite engagement ring designs. The luxurious asscher cut engagement ring is back, bringing with it all the enduring glamour and luxury that inspired Fitzgerald’s magnum opus, The Great Gatsby.

This timeless style of engagement ring, synonymous with the Art Deco period of 1920, has continued to inspire jewelry designers and tastemakers over the intervening years. Its distinctive shape, as bold as Deco itself, is precisely what makes this engagement ring design stand out from other square and rectangular pieces. 

Known sometimes as the “square emerald”, the asscher cut engagement ring shares the eye-catching step-cut facets of the emerald cut ring, albeit in a square design. 

The strong geometric lines of the asscher cut stone stem outward until they reach bevelled edges: a combination that brings a luxurious modern edge to a timeless twenties classic. 

With this pairing of modern lines and twenties nostalgia, the asscher cut is perfect fit for both modern and vintage-loving brides. 

As classic as Elizabeth Taylor

The asscher cut is perhaps best known as the accessory of choice for darling of the silver screen, actress Elizabeth Taylor. 

This style of gem was propelled into the limelight in 1968, when Richard Burton purchased the 33-carat Krupp diamond, now known as the “Elizabeth Taylor Diamond”, for his wife Taylor. The celebrated performer wore the stone as a ring, and was seen sporting the piece in films and personal appearances on numerous occasions. 

Much like its most famous wearer, asscher cut rings are timeless, and steeped in elegance. 

Other noteworthy wearers of asscher cut engagement rings include the likes of Pippa Middleton (who boasts a large stone paired with a cluster of smaller diamonds), as well as the $90,000 piece worn by actress Gwyneth Paltrow. Paltrow’s stone is presented on a double-pave band. 

Suitable for any style

And indeed the asscher cut can be made to fit the tastes of almost any bride to be: from lovers of lace and vintage, to brides who favour a luxe and chic look. 

Those on the hunt for their perfect piece will be thrilled to learn that the asscher cut shines supreme as a solitaire, when complemented with delicate pave side stones or when encircled by a halo setting. 

While some argue that the asscher cut engagement ring is best presented in a three-stone setting, the more minimalist or modern bride might opt instead for a single stone, set on a delicate or simple band. 

Given that the asscher cut is one of the finest choices for highlighting both the clarity and quality of your stone, this might be all you need! 

But no matter how you prefer to display your asscher cut engagement ring, the intricate cut of these diamonds will always make for a show stopper. And we’re sure that the asscher cut ring will remain a firm favourite for at least another hundred years.

We’re looking forward to seeing how top jewellery designers interpret this classic cut in the year to come! 



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