The General Allure of Citrine Rings

The General Allure of Citrine Rings

Citrine rings have been rising in popularity since the latter half of the 2010’s, mostly as a result of their popularity as the November birthstone, but also because yellow and orange stones have become more popular among young people in the modern era. These rings also have a renewed significance due to their unconventional nature, in particular for engagement rings. The key with any ring made out of a stone is to make sure you’re buying a quality product, and not skimping on the most important elements of the ring. Today, we’ll help you to learn more about this mystical stone, in order to better understand it ahead of a consideration to add it to your collection this year.

What is Citrine?

This gemstone is actually a type of quartz, which showcases light as well as unique colours and tones. Generally, some citrine stones are indistinguishable from the golden topaz gemstone, both of which have been fashionable for quite some time. This particular stone is popular for its durability, hardness, as well as a high scoring refractive index. You can explore with a variety of cuts, colors and carats when buying a citrine ring; something that often lures nontraditional brides into considering it for their engagement. 

The Hidden Meaning Behind Citrine

Citrine itself is known for its association with fortune and overall monetary success. The colour itself is known to represent an uplifting nature, and can be helpful to those experiencing low moods. Citrine is synonymous with elevation, and moving from a point of frugality, to a point of prosperity. The ring is a symbol of openness, especially if you’d like to allow more abundance into your life. 

The Best Occasions To Buy Citrine Rings

As we briefly explored, Citrine rings tend to make wonderful engagement rings. Their sunny hues mean people associate them with happiness and overall health. The stone itself is very durable and fairly light, which makes it a winner, especially if you’re looking to buy something bigger than usual. Affordability comes into play here too; these types of rings tend to be on the more affordable spectrum of engagement rings, and can be great “holding rings” for young couples saving up for diamond rings.

Design Your Next Ring With Citrine in Mind

If you’re looking to add some sunshine to your life, or if you’re a November baby wanting to get in touch with your birthstone, your local jeweler is a great place to start. While some custom cut gemstones can be quite expensive, Jenna Clifford offers a range of options to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. If not, they also offer the options to design what you have in mind (bespoke jewelry is one of their specialties, in fact). So whether you’re designing an engagement ring for a wedding, or just looking to add some colour and prosperity to your life, citrine is a great way to go, especially if you’re looking for a fashionable choice that won’t break the budget. 



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