Cluster Rings vs Solitaire Rings


Cluster Rings vs Solitaire Rings 


Choosing a ring? Should your stone take center stage or should you have many stones in a sparkling dance? This comes down to solitaire or a cluster ring and this is an important decision, especially if it is to mark something as special as an engagement. When making this choice, it is not about the pros and cons, it about taste within budget.


The Cluster Ring: Bold and Budget Friendly


This ring has many small stones of a similar size, particularly diamonds, that come together to create a bold aesthetic. The center stone can be bigger than the surroundings diamonds but this is taste-specific. The result is that the cluster ring is dramatic and the ring looks like it contains one very large diamond even though it is made of many. The price is significantly less but with a surface size that is usually much bigger than a single stone ring.

The diamonds used in a cluster ring usually have a low carat weight and this reduces the price of the diamonds. The carat weight of all the stones in a cluster ring is usually less than what is found in a single stone ring.

The cluster ring makes big obtainable even on a  budget. It is perfect if you are looking for a large, impactful look while keeping to a tighter budget.


The Solitaire Ring: Classic, Simple and All About the Diamond


This is a single stone ring and it is historically the most popular choice for engagement rings. This ring design is all about the single diamond that stands alone and is placed on show. The simple setting enhances its elegance and the striking sparkle of the stone.

Because the diamond is the key feature of the ring, it must adhere to the four Cs (cut, carat, color, and clarity) even more than the cluster ring. If the diamond in a solitaire ring has a flaw or has a brown or yellow tinge, it will be very noticeable. The solitaire demands a quality diamond to produce its intended effect and this often makes it expensive.


Which Ring Should You Choose?


Whether you choose a cluster or solitaire ring is dependent on your taste. The solitaire is more popular and a safer choice when proposing if you are not sure which ring your partner would prefer. The cluster ring is bolder and larger and gaining popularity. Your choice is also dependent on your budget. A cluster ring is often a more budget-friendly option. A one-carat solitaire ring is approximately equal to a five-to-seven stone cluster ring that amounts to one carat in weight. If you want more sparkle for your rand than the cluster ring may be the choice for you. But remember, the budget alone should not make the final decision. A ring, especially a diamond ring, is meant to be a forever purchase that reflects the wearer. It is possible to purchase a solitaire with a smaller stone to make a budget and it is possible to purchase a cluster ring with larger, quality diamonds for a greater price. Choose the ring style that speaks to the taste and personality of the wearer and then you can find the perfect ring within that style that meets the budget. 



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