Common Jewellery Buying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


There is nothing quite like the excitement of buying a piece of jewellery, whether for yourself or as a gift. Jewellery is a wonderfully enjoyable purchase that makes the wearer feel celebrated. But, be warned, this purchase too often comes with buyer’s remorse. This is a feeling of regret after making a purchase, usually an expensive one. The most common reasons for this are that the product did not meet the person’s expectations, the person didn’t end up using it, they found that it was too expensive, they found a better deal or they found they didn’t need the purchase. Many people experience buyer’s remorse with jewellery because they are making common buying mistakes but these are easy to avoid once you know what they are. The below guide will help you get the most value for your purchase and circumvent dreaded buyer’s remorse. 


Common Mistake 1: Purchasing Without Research


As the age-old saying goes, “act in haste and repent in leisure”. With the excitement of the purchase or the pressure to buy for an occasion, many people overlook research and go straight to the shops. This hasty decision often leads them to have plenty of time for buyer’s remorse post-purchase. They often leave the shop with poor quality or items that are not their taste. Jewellery is a meaningful and sometimes expensive purchase and this means it requires thought. 


How to avoid it:

Research is piece specific. It may include everything from comparing prices and options online to gaining product specific knowledge. For example, if you are buying gemstones then there are basic quality guides to ensure you get the best stones. Diamonds have the 4 Cs for example that guarantee you get value for your money. You can also look into basic metal information, for example you want to stay away from certain metals if you are prone to allergic reactions. In this case you would request nickel-free white gold or yellow gold. Just by arming yourself with basic knowledge, you ensure you purchase quality at the right price. And remember, ask the shop assistant as many questions as you need to feel satisfied 



Common Mistake 2: Not Picking a Reputable Jeweller 


Many people choose the jewellery shop based on price and not reputability. This can lead to them being duped into taking a piece that is not worth its value or is not exactly what they wanted. 

How to avoid it: It is important to differentiate a reputable jeweller from a non-reputable jeweller and this is easy. A reputable jeweller will have extensive product knowledge from diamonds to gold and everything in between. They usually would have been in the retail business for years and would have established a good reputation. You can look for reviews online to validate this. They will have an exchange policy so you can return the jewellery if you are unsatisfied within a reasonable period. They also won’t push the most expensive purchase or something that is not your taste once you have briefed them on what you like and your budget. This means they will be customer-centric over purchase-centric. If they push jewelry that is out of the scope of your brief then is a sign that you are in the wrong place or are being helped by the wrong person. Lastly, they will have reliable certification for their diamonds. 


Common Mistake 3: Not Focusing on Personal Taste


Many people purchase the latest trend but this does not mean it will be in style in the future or that it actually matches their taste. They also purchase something that they consider is a bargain or conversely, they purchase something very expensive as they think the value matches the price. The ultimate value comes down to the taste of the wearer regardless of price or trend. 

How to avoid it: Before you go into the shop, have an idea of what your taste is or the taste of the person you are buying for. If you prefer white gold then stick with this. Have an understanding of what you do and do not like and think of your jewellery collection. Are there pieces in there that you enjoy more and pieces that you never wear? Let this guide your decision. It is not worth having a trendy, money-saving or statement piece that will end up sitting in your jewellery box and nowhere else. 

Need guidance in avoiding buyer’s remorse? Let us help you find the perfect piece.



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