Deciding Between New vs. Revived Jewelry


Deciding Between New vs. Revived Jewelry

So you’ve got a little bit of extra cash at the end of the month, and you’re looking to get yourself a new piece of jewelry. Hold up! You’ve just remembered that your collection is getting rather full, and perhaps grandma’s necklace has to go in order to make room for this new piece (ouch). Perhaps not, as there is an alternative you can choose, which not only allows you to update an existing piece of sentimental value, but also allows you the perks of having a new piece of jewelry to wear, and perhaps even pass down to your children. Sound good? Let’s explore this a little further before you decide between buying new, or reviving an older piece in your collection. 


What Do You Mean You Get Revived Jewelry?


...and no, we’re not talking about bringing back your jewelry from the dead (figuratively, perhaps). Reviving a piece of jewelry refers to a process of breathing new life into it and updating it in a way that compliments a more modern style. This is not only done for aesthetic reasons, as it also happens in a bid to keep a piece from deteriorating, which ultimately helps to keep it in the family for longer. See it as a process of restoration, that may be more affordable than buying a new piece outright, and that can also give you the chance to bond with other members of the family, as you add some quirks in remembrance of the person who gave it to you in the first place. 


The Perks of Revived Jewelry


Revived jewelry literally gives you a chance to give one of your favourite pieces a second life, giving you endless new options with regards to your collective outfits you wear to work or to social gatherings. Revived rings carry a large amount of sentimentality, having walked a path with you (and possibly and ancestor). These pieces of jewelry are full of history, and can also become something you pass down to your children one day. Revived jewelry can also get you to express yourself a bit more creatively, especially if you’re completely revamping the piece with a fresh eye and a totally different sense of style. The sky's the limit when it comes to reviving old pieces of jewelry!


Why Buying New Can Be Wonderful Too


All things considered, buying new, especially if you don’t have to do so on credit, can be a lovely experience as well. You get to be the original owner of something, and it provides a quicker way to get a modern piece without having to wait a couple of weeks for the restoration process. If nobody bought new pieces of jewelry, there would be no heirlooms to pass down, so at some point, it helps to add some fresh pieces to your collection. New jewelry also tends to last a bit longer than bespoke pieces (depending on the type of metal used, of course) and may even be a little easier for an assessor to evaluate, especially if you’re doing some estate planning. Depending on your income and your needs at the time, buying new can also be a great way to go. 


Getting Additional Advice To Help


Whether you should buy new or choose to revive an existing piece of jewelry, you’re well off by consulting with the team from Jenna Clifford first. They can answer any questions you may have, provide you with a cost estimate, as well as help to get your creative juices flowing before you make any kind of purchase. It helps to have a couple of extra heads in the process, especially if those heads have designed thousands of bespoke pieces over the last twenty years. Check out their website for more details about their jewelry revival process, if you can get past their stunning catalogue of new jewelry too, that is. Enjoy!



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