Diamond Rings: Expectation vs Reality

Diamond Rings: Expectation vs Reality

Ah, ye olde Shakespearean theme of Expectation vs Reality. As young girls, often we dream up our futures; whether it be a successful career, finding your Knight in Shining Armour or having a family of your own, sometimes what we imagine and what becomes of our imaginings are a bit different to what we would expect.

Buying an engagement ring, especially one embellished with a centre diamond or a sequence of diamonds, can be overwhelming, confusing and a bit scary. Am I buying the right style, am I paying too much, am I under-spending? In the midst of all this, there is always the worry of the expectation of a dream conjured many moons back, and meeting that expectation.

We have a few, simple ideas on how you can mitigate buying “the wrong” ring, and steps you can take to ensure both you and your partner are as happy with the symbol of your love as you are with each other!

Diamond Rings: Shop Reputable

Perhaps the most important way to safeguard your pocket from scammers and ensure you are buying genuine diamonds is to start your diamond ring buying journey correctly. Instead of wasting hours on end traipsing the internet for a good deal on a diamond ring, rather shortlist your search to jewelers that are well known. Opting for a reputed retail brand may assist you even further by having access to a large price range, as well as a consultant who has the insight to “read between the lines” and find the perfect harmony of what you can afford, and what your partner has been expecting.

Buying Sight-Unseen is a No-No!

Buying a piece of jewelry is a very intimate gesture, more so when buying an engagement ring. You might have found “THE PERFECT” ring online, you may even have a very convinced partner who believes this is the ring – but tying back in with our previous advice, unless this ring is being sold by a reputable jeweller, make sure you think twice. Maybe even three times. By physically seeing the ring, trying it on and seeing how it looks on the future wearer is the best way to align your partner’s expectations with your purchase. He or she may find the ring too flashy, too dainty or not right at all, so rather than splashing out, shop through sellers who allow you to see the piece, first.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

Consider this future marriage advice, as well! The ONLY way you and your partner are going to be on the same page is to chat. This will give you a great idea of what he or she has in mind, what you have in mind and how you can find a happy medium between the two. While she may have a 2-carat Tiffany diamond in mind, you may not be able to afford it; inversely, she may want a dainty, small ring – all while you’re imagining a shiny rock on her finger that would impress the Rockefeller’s. Make sure you both know the budget, desired style, what you wish to convey through the piece as well as fit. Don’t forget the fit! (Read more about that in our blog on choosing the right size ring)

Bring in the professionals

There’s nothing quite like the experience of consulting a professional jeweller, especially for such an auspicious occasion. Jewellery professionals know what styles, colours, settings and rpie ranges are available and can offer you expert advice on choosing that perfect ring. Buying a diamond engagement ring need not be a bad experience; choosing to have a consultant assist you means less guesswork for you and your partner, more knowledge to help you choose wisely, and perhaps even an insight or two into a ring that you may never have known on your own.

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