Engagement Rings: What they suggest about your personality

Ever wonder what the shape of a diamond or precious stone reveals about the wearer? An engagement ring is such a personal item, not only because of what they represent but also because it will most likely be worn every single day for many years to come. Different cuts and shapes all have their own special appeal, and certain personalities tend to be drawn to specific shapes. Find out what your engagement ring lets on about you.

For decades this diamond has been the most popular shape for engagement rings. Its classic shape complements most hands and reminds us of the true and noble love described in olden day romance novels, where women were courted by dapper gentlemen who rode horses and smoked cigars. If you prefer a round main stone, you are most likely attracted to the elegance and simplicity of tradition. You like things uncomplicated and your look is always polished. Effortlessly chic. You are a romantic at heart, both dependable and strong.

An oval cut diamond holds much the same fire and sparkle as its perfectly round sister, but the elongated shape lends a certain uniqueness to the overall look, making it an extremely elegant alternative. You are comfortable in your own skin and don't mind to stand out from the crowd a little. Your feminine, sophisticated style demands attention, even if you aren't purposefully looking for it. Oval lovers are usually quite specific and pay attention to even the finest details.

Emerald Cuts:
This rectangular shape affords a retro-inspired look that appeals to many an artist and creative personality. You are not one to shy away from change. You are willful and more courageous than you realise, with a confidence that makes you very attractive.

Princess Cuts:
Princess shaped engagement rings are perfect for the bride-to-be that has traditional values but would like something a little more modern than the classic round. If you prefer this square cut diamond you probably love anything with a bit of a sparkle. You are a dreamer and an optimist, although highly organised. Your wedding day will certainly feel like a real-life fairy tale.

Cushion Cuts:
Cushion shaped stones bring an edge of modernity similar to the Princess cut but its rounded corners add a softness and femininity to the overall look that is very appealing. If you like these special cuts, you are mostly easy going and don't sweat the small stuff. Your warm, sociable demeanour makes others feel relaxed in your presence. You are very family orientated and although you don't always show it, you are a romantic at heart.

Pear Shapes:
This shape is contemporary and chic. Representing a perfect teardrop, it offers an elegant, slimming effect to the fingers and also possesses a brilliant vibrancy. The wearer of a pear diamond is usually very original, vivacious and fun loving. You thrive in the company of your fabulous friends and love a good laugh.

This popular, fancy cut diamond brings a touch of old-Hollywood glamour to your ring. Legend has it that French King Louis the 14th wanted to honour his mistress, the famous Marquise de Pompadour, and had an artisan craft a diamond inspired by her smile. The wearer of a marquise cut diamond is bound to be outgoing, sexy and passionate with an inspiring zest for life and love.



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