Eternity Rings - A Trend in 2020

Eternity Rings - A Trend in 2020

Much like we celebrate national holidays and commemorative events to honour significant days in our communities, we exchange different pieces of jewelry to celebrate milestones in our lives. And when it comes to romantic milestones, these usually come in ring form. 

We share engagement rings when we first commit to each other. This commitment is solidified through the exchange of wedding bands. And after this commitment has seasoned many storms, we exchange rings once more. This is where the eternity ring comes in. 

Traditionally, the eternity ring was worn by women. In fact eternity rings were originally designed for slightly older women, with the intention of being gifted after ten or more years of loving marriage. 

Much like the aforementioned engagement ring and wedding band, the eternity ring plays on the idea of infinity, and unending love and commitment. But the eternity ring is crowned in a crest of diamonds: as a fitting tribute to many years of loving marriage. 

Nowadays, the tradition of the eternity ring is less static. These rings might be exchanged after other monumental events, such as the birth of a child. The eternity ring is also sometimes used as a wedding band.

But how did the eternity ring come to be in the first place?

The history of the eternity ring

While the eternity ring is seeped in romance, its origin story has rather less lustre. The design was put forward by the De Beers organisation in the 1960s. The eternity ring represented a significant departure from the prevailing fashion of the time, which was to wear a single large stone set in solitaire. 

According to American investigative journalist Edward Jay Epstein, the design was borne of necessity. Epstein claims that the Soviet Union had a supply agreement with De Beers. And since Soviet stones were small, the organisation commissioned a design especially to fit their size. And so the eternity ring was born. 

As mentioned, the ring was aimed at older women who were already married. It was advertised along with the slogan: "She married you for richer or poorer. Let her know how it’s going." The eternity ring therefore became a representation of the enduring strength of a marriage. 

The eternity ring trend continues

But the modern day eternity ring has changed with the times. This ring is now available in a number of styles and for varied price points. Since the full ring of diamonds can be pricey, and sometimes less comfortable to wear, eternity rings are now also available as a half-eternity. In a half-eternity, the diamonds only reach across half of the ring’s circumference.

The setting of the diamonds can also vary greatly. The prong set is one of the more common used for the eternity ring. But other styles of ring feature stones set in pave for extra brilliance, or in channel for a smoother finish.

So whatever your tastes, and whatever the special occasion, there is an eternity ring style that will tick all the right boxes. 



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