Eternity Rings and Bands

You may have heard of eternity rings or eternity bands, but are still not quite sure what they are or what they represent. If this is the case, we’re here to help. The following is a short but complete guide to what eternity rings look like, where they come from, when you should give or receive one,and when you should wear one.
An eternity ring, or eternity band, is a circular band made of precious metal and covered with gemstones all around the band. These don’t have to be attached using any particular setting, and don’t have to be specific stones. This means that eternity rings leave a lot of room for personalization, which is in keeping with their meaning.

Eternity rings are supposed to symbolize one person’s ultimate commitment to another. The stones encircling the entire band have no beginning and no end, and thus represent eternity – the length of time that the couple will be together. Although, since it is not always practical to have stones encircle the entire ring, sometimes the stones only cover the top portion of an eternity ring. These
are called half eternity bands. The sentiment of half eternity bands is still the same, but you don’t have to worry about snagging the stones at the bottom of the ring.

Eternity Ring Setting Types

1) Channel settings are made by cutting a groove or channel; into the ring ,pushing metal over 2 sides of the diamonds (or coloured stones).
2) Thread & grain styles , where small grains are formed by pushing sharp tools into the metal. These grains are then used to secure the stones. The thread refers to the narrow, plain, border of metal that is left around the stones.
3) The Pave milgrain setting uses small grains as described in the thread & grain setting above to hold the diamonds in. In addition to this though, a tool that creates beaded edge to make the metal catch the light is also used. This edging is called a milgrain;.
4) Flush set diamond set bands set the stones individually spaced rather than almost touching like most of the other styles of diamond setting. There is never any adhesive used instead just a tiny lip of metal keeping the stone clamped into the wedding or eternity ring.
5) Rubover set stones are more commonly seen on larger stones like diamond engagement rings. This style also looks stunning on eternity & wedding rings though despite it being used less frequently.
6) Claw set eternity rings are perhaps the most traditional of setting. To hold the diamonds securely in place on the eternity ring four prongs rise up from the band. The major benefit of claw set eternity rings is that they can easily hold most diamond shapes and sizes.

How to Wear an Eternity Ring

Eternity rings don’t have to replace a wedding or engagement band. In fact, they complement wedding and engagement rings beautifully. From a symbolic aspect, they complete the representation of the marriage through jewelry, where the engagement ring represents the period before the marriage, the wedding band represents the marriage itself, and the eternity ring represents the rest of couple’s life together.
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