Floating Diamond Rings – A Minimalist Spin on Promising Forever

The term floating; refers to diamonds that are literally suspended within the ring setting, so that
they appear to float in place rather than be held by numerous prongs or channels. In contrast to
traditional settings which are obviously supported from below by claws or clasps, floating diamond
engagement rings use open, elevated settings that highlight the beauty and simplicity of the
diamond rather than concealing it within more constricting engagement ring settings. While the idea
of the gem floating is actually an illusion, these settings offer simple elegance and traditional
appearances coupled with contemporary style and minimalist design.

Floating Diamond Ring Styles

Tension Settings: These are the most popular and simplest form of floating setting. The gemstone is
literally held between the two halves of the ring's band by the tension of the metal.
Floating Arches: An elaborate design blends an eternity ring with an elevated setting by floating the
central stone on arches or a bridge above a diamond studded lower band.
Bar Settings: Bars of metal hold the center stone tightly, perhaps separating it from accent
diamonds or other design elements in the ring's band.
Open Bezels: Simple bezel settings can be created with an open, airy base to suspend the diamond
above the ring.
Split Shank Floats: As the ring's setting elevates above the band, the split shank embraces the sides
of the stone rather than connecting to it.
Bypass Rings: Instead of the two sides of the ring being centered on the diamond, they actually pass
by the stone and grip it perpendicular rather than parallel to the finger.

What Occasions Can I Buy Floating Rings For?

Floating diamond eternity rings make the perfect wedding band. They’re delicate, sparkly, and they
pair wonderfully with a diamond engagement ring. This selection is certainly the perfect way to say
“I do” as it says “forever” with a modern twist that will simply never go out of style!
Another occasion that deserves the beauty provided by a diamond eternity ring is a special
anniversary. The growth, perseverance, and unwavering excitement of a love that has stood the test
of time is worthy of a beautiful memento to commemorate the occasion. Wear this band as a right-
hand ring or use it to upgrade your original wedding band if that is more suiting. Either way, it’s a
great addition to your jewelry box!
Another reason to indulge in one of these sparklers is to commemorate the birth of a child. After all,
every new mom deserves a push present! This floating diamond band is the perfect way to signify
one of the most important moments in time for any family, gifted to the woman who is responsible
for it all.
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