Four Essential Tips for Buying Women Jewellery

Four Essential Tips for Buying Women Jewellery

 Treating that special woman in your life to jewellery? Keep in mind that this is one of those tricky gifts that need thought. If the symbolism is wrong or if it is not her taste then what was a thoughtful gift may become a point of contention. The below tips will ensure that you make the most befitting choice. 

1. All eyes on her

One of the most common mistakes men make when shopping for jewellery for their other halves is entering the shop unprepared. This often leads to two pitfalls. The first is that they will choose jewellery that they like and would like to see their partner wear but this is often not their partner’s taste. The second is that they ask the salesperson for their opinion. This is helpful regarding things like diamond cut and clarity, etc. but not helpful regarding taste as everyone’s taste is unique. 

Jewellery reflects a woman’s personality. It should make her feel beautiful, appreciated, and acknowledged. You want to show the woman in your life that you know her. To achieve this, you must focus only on her and her taste. 

2. Unleash your inner spy 

Before making that important purchase, unleash your inner spy and see what she already owns, unless of course, she has asked you for something specific. 

Answer these questions based on her jewellery box or from asking her friends or family: 

  • Does she prefer larger or smaller pieces? 
  • Does she own more red, white, or gold jewellery? 
  • Does she own more simple classic jewellery or more bold jewellery? 
  • Does she prefer colourful pieces and if so, what colours does she own and wear? 
  • Does she avoid wearing certain jewellery? Perhaps she prefers earrings over necklaces. 
  • What piece does she wear most often and is there jewellery that can complement this? 
  • What does she usually eye when she goes past a jewellery store?

By determining what she owns, and most importantly wears, you can understand her taste and this is the type of information that you can share with the salesperson. Finally, it is always a good idea to run your choice by someone who knows her best to be certain that she will love her gift. 

3. Size her right 

In line with your new spy game, you may need to measure her existing jewellery for size. If you are considering a ring then take one of the rings that she does not usually wear with when you make your purchase or use string to measure the size. If you are considering a bracelet then you might want to measure one of her bracelets as wrist sizes can differ. 

4. Get sentimental 

A meaningful gift is a memorable one so choose a piece of jewellery that is either meaningful to her or to you both as a couple. For example, you can select a piece with her birthstone in it or you can place an inscription on the back of a pendant. A meaningful and thoughtful gift will be considered far more precious than expensive jewellery found in the latest advert. 



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