Hoops vs Studs?

Hoops vs Studs? 

Earrings are the perfect accessory for any outfit. They can be that subtle piece that finishes off a look or they can be the showstopper that perfects an ensemble. There are many earing options to choose from but two staples in any earing wardrobe are studs and hoops. But which should you be wearing? It all comes down to a mix of three vital ingredients: your personal taste, the occasion and your outfit. 

What a Stud

The Classic

Stud earrings are small and sit flat on the earlobe. These earrings can range in style, design and colour with the most popular being the diamond stud. 

Studs are classics that have been worn by everyone from Victoria Beckham to Sandra Bullock. They can be worn with any outfit, to any occasion and can be found in many styles to match many tastes. They are often understated and easy to wear, making them the safe but stylish accessory. Studs have longevity and can be enjoyed regardless of the current fashion. They are the go-to piece whether for that job interview or for a night out.  If you want to add your personality into the safe stud then choose a larger stone, opt for a delicate design or a gorgeous coloured stone surrounded by diamonds. 

Unique Agatka Stud Earrings

Ultimate Comfort

Stud earrings are exceptionally comfortable. This means that you can wear them straight from work to the gym without having to take them out, unlike heavier and larger earrings. Their compact size also means that you won’t get sore ears while wearing them so you can even sleep in them comfortably. 


The Safe Gift 


Studs, especially sterling silver studs with cubic zirconia, coloured stones or diamonds, are the perfect gift because of their simple elegance that never goes out of style. Sterling silver is always a good option as this ensures that the wearer can enjoy the earrings without experiencing any allergic reactions. 

Through the Hoops


Every Shape and Size


Hoop earrings have been in fashion since the ’80s and seem to be staying there.  They are particularly loved by Rhianna who has been seen sporting them in all sizes. They range in size from mini-hoops to shoulder-length showstoppers. 


The Pragmatist 


If you want practical earrings that match every outfit (from those new jeans to that little black dress) then mini hoops and sleepers are the options of choice. They offer a classic look with a bit more flair than the stud but still don’t grab too much attention. 


Make a Statement


If you want your earrings to make a statement then consider large hoops. These can range from simple gold hoops to thick-rimmed hoops. These earrings draw attention to the hair and face and look gorgeous with an up-style and red lipstick. The general rule is that very large hoops should be worn with a clean neck so they can take centre stage as your statement piece. 


Enhance your Look


Hoops are the perfect accessory if you want to enhance your look. They can be worn to any occasion and with any outfit, depending on their size. Medium-to-large hoops add character to casual outfits where diamond hoops add drama to evening wear. Whatever your preference, hoops are the ideal way to infuse your look with your unique personality. 



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