How to choose the right engagement ring

Wedding season is around the corner again and we know that many a gentleman will be getting down on one knee and popping the big question soon. Sometimes the lucky lady gets to have a say in the design of the ring, but more traditional men may like to keep the proposal a complete surprise. For these occasions, our head designer and founder, Jenna Clifford, shares a few tips on how to choose a ring for the woman you want to marry.

1. What’s her Personal Style?
Pay close attention to the clothes she likes to wear. Is she ultra-feminine, a girl who loves to wear flowy dresses? Or does chic and stylish describe her better? Is she a fashion forward maverick who likes to dress right off the runway, or is she the arty type, with a love of all things unique. For a sneak peek into her dream wedding and desired jewellery, be sure to have a look at her Pinterest boards. Also, think about her lifestyle. Is she quite active, or does she work with her hands a lot? If so, an engagement ring with a flush setting or an eternity ring made with strong metal might be a more practical choice.

2. What kind of Jewellery does she wear?
Take time to notice the type of jewellery that she wears. Is it mainly yellow or white gold? Are the pieces simple and clean or intricate and lively? Does she wear bigger, bulkier pieces or does she usually opt for something a little more understated? If you’re unsure, do call on her best friend or sister, as they would be more than happy to assist.

3. Your Budget
Take your budget into consideration when looking at styles and stones, as this will probably have one of the largest influences on what you choose in the end. The traditional rule was that the groom should spend one to three month’s salary on the engagement ring, but nowadays it’s a personal choice.

4. Her Hands
All women are built differently and can’t necessarily wear the same style dress. The same is true for jewellery. Different style rings may look better on some fingers than on others. If she has long and slender hands a lovely solitaire or diamond band should be perfect. On the other hand, if she has bigger hands, you should probably avoid narrow rings or overly delicate ones. For short fingers, a narrow band tends to go best as a wide one will make her fingers look even shorter.

5. The size
One challenge all men face is getting her ring size right. One option is to try to sneak away one of her other rings to get it sized. If the ring is a couple of sizes too big or too small, don’t panic! It is definitely not the end of the world as you can get it resized at any time.

At Jenna Clifford, we are also known for our remodelling services. For 25 years we have been taking older jewellery pieces and give them an updated look. So if you’re privileged enough to inherit any heirloom jewellery and are thinking of remodelling rather than buying a new engagement ring, then we can help you create a ring reflecting your or your other half’s personal style using the stones you already own.

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