How to Look After Your Jewelry:

How to Look After Your Jewelry:  

Everyone’s jewelry deserves a bit of TLC every now-and-again. Spending so much money on your jewelry, you want it to look as shiny and polished as it possibly could be. You may begin to notice scratches or dullness on your necklaces or engagement ring, and this is an indication to get the piece cleaned and to brush-up on your jewelry habits! This goes for all other kinds of jewelry made of precious metals and for those pieces which have precious stones as well. Caring for your jewelry is just as important as purchasing the right pieces so the same amount of care and consideration should be given to the cleaning process. 

Looking after your jewelry also means that it will last longer so it can even be passed down for generations and not devalue in time!

Here are the top 4 ways you can look after your jewelry:

  1. Storage

It is essential to store your jewelry in the correct way so that you don’t run the risk of exposing the pieces to chemicals, scratching or getting tangled. Lay your bracelets and necklaces flat in a specially designed jewelry box and insert your rings into the slots specially made for rings. This keeps your pieces from getting entangled with one another and protects them from the elements as well. Keep your jewelry box in a dark safe place that is not too cold or too hot as extreme temperatures can be harmful to your pieces. 

The best jewelry boxes are usually the ones that your piece came in so think about storing the piece in it. Alternatively, make sure your purchase a jewelry box that is softly lined and closes tightly. 

  1. Gentle Cleaning 

There’s nothing a little at-home cleaning can hurt- unless you’re using the wrong cleaning method or cloth. If you notice your jewelry has begun to dull or pick up dirt and it is not a particularly delicate piece then use a soft jewelry cleaning cloth that you can purchase from any reputable jewelry store or simply clean in some soapy water with a soft toothbrush. Be careful to not rub too vigorously on gemstones as this may scratch them. A gently at-home cleaning is still a quick and sure-fire way to restore some of the luster to your pieces.  

  1. Keep Away from Chemicals 

Always be aware of your jewelry coming into contact with abrasives and chemicals as this may permanently discolor or damage your pieces. Take off rings when washing your hands or when using any other kinds of soaps like face and body wash as well as dishwashing liquid or any other cleaning agent. Soaps, cosmetics, grease and natural skin oils can dull any jewelry so try avoiding them as much as possible. 

  1. Wearing 

  • In our fast-paced, hands-on world it’s easy to forget that you’re wearing jewelry in situations that you shouldn’t be. To avoid tarnishing, put on your jewelry after you’ve applied makeup, hairspray, perfume, or any other cosmetic agent.
  • Always put your jewelry on last when getting stressed so you don’t snag your clothes and take it off first when undressing. 
  • Always take your jewelry off before doing any manual work or physical activities like housework or exercising. 
  • Don’t sleep in your jewelry as this may break chains, bend ring prongs, loosen stones or you may lose an earring all together. 

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