How to Match your Jewellery and Clothes

How to Match your Jewellery and Clothes

Wearing jewellery with a great outfit can really take it to another level. A boring outfit can instantly become fashionable and exciting with just a few choice pieces. The jewellery you wear should reflect your personality, complement your outfit and be on trend. Choosing which pieces to wear can really be frustrating when you have a large collection! So here are some guidelines for successfully accessorising. 


When matching your jewellery to what you’re wearing, make sure it matches in terms of colours. An easy way to do this is using a colour wheel to determine which colours go together best. You can use primary colours, analogous or complementary colours. 

To find the complementary colour of your outfit, simply look directly across from it on the colour wheel. Complementary coloured outfits and jewellery are very vibrant. For example: a blue shift dress and an orange/gold necklace. 

Analogous colours are those that sit directly next to one another on the colour wheel and give your outfit, together with the jewellery, a harmonious even toned look without being boring or monotonous. For example: A royal blue dress with green or violet coloured gems/jewellery. 

Lastly, black, which isn’t present on the colour wheel, is by far the most versatile out of all the colours in your wardrobe. Black goes with anything so make your jewellery really stands out and brings it all together with statement pieces like chandelier earrings or layered necklaces.

Here’s a handy colour wheel of gems and their colours to refer to when planning your next outfit:

colour wheel of gems

The Occasion

Using your jewellery in the most versatile way is not only creative but also gives new life to your pieces. You don’t want to run into problems when doing this, however. If you have a desk job for example, wearing dangling bracelets may get in the way of writing or typing. Dressing for the occasion (or lack thereof) is the golden rule here. 

At Work

Generally, work environments call for more understated conservative jewellery like studs, small hoops, small pendants, single bangles or chain bracelets. Wearing these items is not only occasion appropriate but are functional too as you don’t want your jewellery to start getting in the way. However, if you work in a more casual environment you can let some of your personality show through and opt for layered necklaces, dangling earrings or larger, more chunky pieces. Wood and leather jewellery look great for a laid-back look. 

On a Night Out 

A smart-casual occasion is where you can really be creative and fun with your jewellery. Wear large hoops, layered necklaces, long earrings, pile on those bracelets and wear multiple rings. Be careful not to arrive dripping in diamonds or too many precious stones as this isn’t occasion appropriate and may attract unwanted attention. 

Black-Tie Events

For formal events like weddings, formal dates and work dinners, your jewellery should complement your dressed-up outfit. Now would be the time to wear diamonds, pearls, chandelier earrings, statement necklaces and other precious stones like rubies or sapphires to really shine throughout the night. Remember to consider your neckline and either choose to wear no necklace at all or let it be the centre of attention if you so desire. 

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