Invisible Set Diamonds Explained

When you tell people that the Diamonds in a given mounting are “Invisible Set” Diamonds, you tend to get some odd reactions. It’s a phrase that’s fairly new to the Jewelry industry - it’s only been around for about a decade, but not too many people have heard of it. You’ve seen it, but probably didn’t know it had a name.

Invisible Set Diamonds are Diamonds that look like they are being held in by nothing. Most mountings have prongs, channels, bezels, or beads that hold them in place, but invisible set diamonds are not held in by any over-lapping metal; no prongs, no beads, just a smooth row of glorious never-ending diamonds.

So how do invisible settings work? The idea is actually pretty simple. There is a metal framework on which the diamonds are mounted. The stones themselves have small channels cut in their bases, and the framework’s rails fit into these grooves.

This is how the diamonds are fixed on the metal lattice, which remains invisible underneath.

Biggest Disadvantage of an Invisible Set Diamond

These mountings have had problems from day one. Customers return mountings often, usually because their stones are loose, or the diamonds just simply fell out of the mounting.

You may have one that will last forever, if you take considerable care of it, but do stay clear of this type of setting if you are inclined to rough handling.

To Buy or Not to Buy – Considerations to Make Before Buying an Invisible Set Diamond Ring

Invisible settings are expensive because they are very complicated to make. However, many people like them because they look really good.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t buy such a ring if you intend to wear it while doing any vigorous activity. If the setting is bumped, hit or even shaken too hard, the stones could easily fall out.

Check for loose stones before you even buy the ring – you never know how well the setting is made.

If you’ve decided to get an invisible setting ring, make sure the manufacturer provides a lifetime guarantee. You don’t want to end up with a ring that cannot be fixed or whose repair would cost as much as what the ring is worth.

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