Jewelry for Different Occasions

Jewelry for Different Occasions 

There’s no question that jewellery enhances every outfit. The question then becomes not if you’re to wear jewelry but what jewelry you’re going to wear. The decision comes down to the occasion that you’re dressing for. In order to answer this, there are two main things which you should consider when choosing what to pair with your outfit: Understated or statement?

Some jewellery pieces are subtle and understated like single chain necklaces, stud earrings and dainty bracelets. These kinds of jewelry complement your outfit instead of making a statement. Statement pieces draw more attention to themselves and are usually colourful, chunkier and have more sparkle. Unlike subtle jewellery, statement pieces make your outfit instead of just complementing it. 


Professional Occasions


Job interviews, a formal work environment and meetings call for more polished and subtle pieces of jewelry. You don’t want to anything which is distracting or that will get in your way like jingly bangles, oversized rings or long necklaces. It’s best to leave your showy pieces at home if you work in a more formal environment so rather opt for single short chains, thinner rings and stud earrings. 


Casual Work Days


For most people, the daily work environment is smart-casual. If you work in an office environment where you communicate mostly over email and phone, this is an opportunity to wear some of your more fun-loving (but not over-the-top) pieces. A great way to dress up any work outfit is with colourful costume jewelry or a charm bracelet. You want to be fashionable yet sophisticated and professional so don’t go too over-the-top with neons an florals. 


Formal Occasions 


Formal occasions like weddings, dinner parties and anniversaries are the perfect opportunity to pull out all the stops when it comes to your jewellery collection. These are the events where your sparkly pieces can truly shine. Clothing does seem to take centre stage at events like this but jewelry can be your partner in crime. Strapless dresses call for drop or chandelier earrings, sweetheart and scoop necklaces are perfect for hanging statement necklaces. Sleeveless pieces look great with multiple bangles and rings can go great with just about anything. 




Who says you can’t wear jewellery while on holiday? It’s time to let your hair down and have some fun. Just as you carefully pick the right outfits to pack if you’re going away or just for a night on the town, remember your favourite fun-loving pieces. If you’re going to the beach, then trendy and colourful jewelry is a great choice. Semi-precious stones, statement pieces, colourful bangles and oversized earrings are also recommended wherever you are! Don’t forget about a few floral pieces though as you may find yourself in a fancy restaurant or on a date. 

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