Jewelry To Compliment Your Skin Tone: Part 1

Jewelry To Compliment Your Skin Tone: Part 1

In this two part series, we’ll explore some jewelry options to compliment your skin tone. Jewelry is often one of the first things people will notice about your outfit as a whole, so it makes sense to choose pieces that compliment your skin tone. While a lot of jewelry is flexible enough to be worn in conjunction with a multitude of outfits, skin tones and general personality types, having a guide can be useful as you establish your overall style a bit more clearly, while not forfeiting your individuality and making sure that you don’t simply follow trends blindly. 

First and Foremost Choosing Pieces You Love

Before we dig into what jewelry to wear with different skin tones, the first thing you should remember when buying a new piece of jewelry is that it has to be something that you love. While picking options based on suitability to your skin tone may have a complementary effect, this should not be done without considering what you already know and love. Nine times out of ten people naturally gravitate towards jewelry that suits them, especially if they are more fashion conscious. This article should serve as a guideline, but not a rule, to help you make more practical choices. 

Suitable Options for Lighter Skin Tones

As a rule, there is a close connection between the skin undertone, the shade of the eyes, and the hair color. Keep this in mind as you look at different types of jewelry that will be suited to your skin tone, especially if you are of a lighter complexion. If your skin has a slight pinkish tinge, you can match with some warmer colours like red, orange, gold and coral, especially when it comes to the jewelry you buy. If you’re closer to a yellow-ish complexion (with cooler undertones) it helps to pair up with silvers, blues and greens. While the type of jewelry to wear doesn’t matter as much, the colour and metal is what you should be paying more attention to. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Explore

While you have the freedom to mix and match and explore different types of jewels based on your skin tone, remember that you don’t need to be afraid to try something new, especially if you’re looking to differentiate yourself and your individual style from the pack. Exploring is the name of the game in the 2020’s. You can do this by buying different types of jewelry and testing out colour combinations, taking a couple of risks with different shades of colour, especially at lower profile events (like family birthday), while gradually developing your overall style for the year. Nothing is off bounds, but make sure you have a close friend who can keep you in check if they feel you’ve gone a little too far with a particular look. 

Learning More About The Topic

There is a lot that can be said about this topic, so we’ve decided to do another post to cover some more ground. In part two of this series, we’ll further explore the topic, looking at other types of skin tones, and jewelry to compliment your look further based on this. We’ll learn more about cool and warm skin tones, discuss some of the jewelry types to avoid, and wrap up by looking at where you can go to find your next pieces of jewelry. See you then!



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