Jewelry to Compliment Your Skin Tone: Part II

Jewelry to Compliment Your Skin Tone: Part II

In part 1 of this series, we explored some suitable options to consider if you have a lighter skin tone, detailing the colours and jewelry types that may be better suited to give your outfit that extra pop. We also discussed the importance of being brave in terms of your exploration and style choices, as you push the boundaries of your own personal style and get a better sense as to where it is headed as we move further into 2020. There is a lot to say about the topic, so we split it into a second post, which we’re happy to share with you now. Today, we’ll explore the difference between cool and warm skin tones, look at jewelry types to consider if you have a darker skin tone, while also considering how you can go about buying the next piece for your collection.

Cool and Warm Skin Tones

Our skin tones generally fall into two categories, namely warm or cool. Looking at the veins located on the inside of your arm and near your wrist, you can generally get a sense of which tone you are more likely to lean towards. Those with bluish veins tend to have cool skin tones, which generally includes people with tan or dark skin. Others are more likely to fall into the warm category, which has implications in terms of the colours that will best match with their overall complexion. There are some simple tests you can do to find out your type, which you can find online relatively easily. 

Darker Skin Tones: Jewelry Types To Consider

If you fall into the cool skin tone category, there are a couple of jewelry types that are best suited to your complection. Classic yellow, gold or rose gold look wonderful on this skin type, especially as these colours are prolific in the way they pop. Other colours to consider include warm hued gemstones like citrine, ruby and yellow diamonds, which are a flattering choice overall. 

There’s No Need To Box Yourself In

As we said in the previous part of this series, when it comes to exploring with colour, especially based on your skin tone, there is no need to avoid exploring. The colours and metal suggestions are merely more complementary, but they shouldn’t be restrictive in what you buy. Don’t walk into a store and blindly buy these types simply because they match your skin tone well; consider them as an addition to an overall outfit and style, and as building blocks to establishing your individuality. 

Where To Find Your Next Piece of Jewelry

Having said that, you may be eager to get going on getting your hands on a new piece of jewelry. Regardless of the colours you are drawn to and whatever works with your skin tone, Jenna Clifford has you covered. With a jewelry range that is consistently growing each year, tapped into the market at all times, and with consultants at the ready to give you suggestions to get you what you need, you can’t go wrong by visiting one of their flagship stores. Start the new year off with a bang and set yourself up for a year of style and sophistication by starting off this new decade with something special. Good luck on your journey!



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