Jewelry Trends To Look Out For in 2020

Jewelry Trends To Look Out For in 2020

The start of a new decade is the perfect opportunity to update your style, or to reinvent yourself altogether. Never has there been a better time for the “new year, new me” saying (even though it remains a big cliche) and if you’d like to kickstart the process, having a look at some of the most prominent jewelry trends to look out for this year is a good place to start. 2020 will see a shift from more traditional jewelry trends to modernistic looks and pieces, with various themes seen at fashion weeks in recent months to compliment the feeling worldwide. Today, we’ll explore some of these trends, so you can stay in the loop and start planning your forthcoming looks. 

Earrings Worn as Singles?

No you didn’t read that wrong. While most earrings are sold in pairs, it seems that the latest trends abroad indicate a move towards wearing either single earrings, or mismatched earrings, especially as we look towards spring in the second half of the year. Beads, pearls and orbs are also front of mind again, ushering in an era of art earrings that not only provides an air of sophistication, but allows for individuality and creative expression too. Keep an eye on Instagram too, as many prominent fashion bloggers have already started hopping onto the trend.

Nature’s Hidden Gems

The 2020’s have an air of sustainability awareness around them, especially with environmental activist Greta Thunberg receiving the most recent Person of the Year award from Time Magazine. This has trickled through to how designers are expressing themselves creatively, and many jewelry trends are starting to lean back to the natural. New designs across Europe include shell parures from Prada, wooden brooches as well as raffia necklaces from other designers. Basic, natural materials are starting to rise in prominence, not only for their availability and affordability, but because of their versatile nature. 

Hoops Galore

Hoops have been around for ages, but more recently they’ve started rearing their heads prominently, especially in the influencer space. Expect hoops of all shapes and sizes this season, made from a range of different materials. If you’re feeling risky, mix and match your hoops, or even consider wearing a single hoop, particularly if you’d like to elevate a particular hairstyle or cut. While hoops are not the most exciting jewelry trend, they have shown resilience over the years as a jewelry staple for women from all walks of life, and it doesn’t seem like they’re going anywhere anytime soon.

A Starting Point To Find Your Next Piece of Jewelry

If you’re wondering about where to start to find your next piece of jewelry, and you need a reliable supplier that keeps its eye on trends, then look no further than Jenna Clifford. With decades of experience and having become a household name in South Africa, the brand is synonymous with style and class. One of the best things about their jewelry is not the high quality designs, but the fact that they offer a range of bespoke options for you to choose from too, meaning you can buy one-of-a-kind pieces for a fraction of what they would cost if commissioned individually. Here’s to starting 2020 off feeling as confident and happy as you can be. 



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