Matric Dance Jewellery Trends For Men

Matric Dance Jewellery Trends For Men

Matric dance is a special occasion for all parties involved, but especially for the young men and women who are wrapping up their formal schooling, and preparing to go off to start a new adventure. While very few men think about more than their suits, giving the most input around whether they will be wearing traditional ties or bowties, there seems to be an increase in young men wearing jewelry as a form of creative expression, especially so with the increase in popularity on Instagram. With influencers like Jaden Smith wearing a range of necklaces, rings and more to formal events, as well as incorporating this into their everyday style as well, we should explore some options for you to consider for your matric dance.

Watch The Time

No, we’re not talking about your curfew here. Watches are timeless pieces of jewelry for men, and so many young people are used to checking the time on their cellphones, that it is rarely a consideration, especially for formal events. There is someone of a change in the air thanks to a resurgence of popularity on social media, and subsequently many people are digging through old cupboards to try and find one of their grandfathers watches. Explore wearing a watch to your matric dance as it adds a nice formal touch, can give you an extra element of style and class, and also turn a few heads in the process. 

Creative Rings

Rings are a top trend in men’s items all around the world, with US retailers highlighting them as a big seller and one of the fastest growing jewelry niches around the world. While men are not traditionally used to wearing rings, a lot of them are designed for “comfort fitting”, rather than for style, so be careful when choosing something, considering that it should be both practical and appealing. Experiment with colour, shape and stone and find something that expresses who you are for that extra bit of flair and pop. 

Traditional Cufflinks

Cufflinks are an essential component of your matric dance outfit, especially as a finishing element to your outfit. They are also known for being an important signifier of your move into adulthood. Traditional cufflinks, in gold or silver, are a popular choice and a great gift idea, especially if you’d like to drop a few hints to your parents for something that will bode you well going into your working life. You can never go wrong with cufflinks, and these days they come in a range of different colours and styles, so do your research before buying anything, and explore some of the more popular ones online before making a decision about what you’d like to wear.

Your Style, Your Rules

This is your time to shine, and the team at Jenna Clifford understands that matric dance is a big deal. The bottom line is that you should be wearing jewelry that is not only comfortable, but also acts as a formal expression of who you are, reflecting your transition into adulthood, and more importantly, signifying the end of twelve long years of schooling. The most important thing is for you to feel comfortable, so give their team a call if you’d like to find out more about their offerings related to the product types featured here. Have a wonderful night!



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