Men's Wedding Band Trends for 2019

Men's Wedding Band Trends for 2019

Getting married is a big deal for anyone. There is a lot that goes into pulling off a successful engagement, wedding and ultimately, starting the hard work of being committed to someone else for a lifetime, for what will likely be years and years of combined joy and problem solving. 

In the past, men haven’t been as fussy about how their wedding bands should look, focusing more energy on making sure their other half is happy in the madness of throwing a big celebration for friends and family. Times are changing however, and these days there are way more options for wedding bands to consider.  Keep in mind, that this is a ring you’ll be wearing day-in and day-out for as long as you’re married, so shouldn’t you be putting in a little bit more effort than just buying the first ring you come across? Well then, let’s explore some options and look at the latest trends together. 

Black Diamond Wedding Bands

Who says men aren’t allowed to have diamonds in their wedding bands? If a traditional, opaque diamond is not something that tickles your fancy, consider the growing trend and number of men around the world opting for black diamonds in their wedding bands. Black diamonds are more unique and rare than traditional ones, are a nice complimentary nod to your partners diamonds in their ring, and will help to make you feel just as special as your other half on the day. Don’t count this one out without looking at a few of these beautiful rings in person first (you’ll thank us later).

A Twist on the Old Faithful: Rose Gold

When we think of men’s wedding bands, typically we can only recall grandpa’s old school gold band, beautiful but slightly boring, with not much else going on, other than just being etched into his left ring finger for decades and decades. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, so If you’re wanting to go a bit more traditional, but don’t want to just get a gold band, why not consider rose gold? It is a little softer on the eyes, and certainly more modern.  You also have more options to customise a rose gold ring, should you consider making the ring a little more personalised, perhaps with an engraving of sorts. Less is more with rose gold, but there are various options to consider.

Organic & Natural Mineral Wedding Bands

These days, there is a great deal of emphasis on organic and natural materials, in the use of, well, everything. Many companies are developing rigid sustainability profiles and even jewelers are thinking more and more about how they can source materials and provide more products that are better for the environment. In the millennial generation in particular, where pockets are a little tighter than the generation before then, many couples are option for rings made out of organic materials, providing a non-traditional solution and something a little more geared to their particular needs and wants at the time. Something to consider, even if you are getting a “normal” ring, is what it is made of, and how sustainable the company you’re buying from is. Jenna Clifford, for example, is a great choice in this regard.

Creative Options, Including Textural Design

Last but not least, more people are opting to go more creative with their wedding band ideas, including looking at textural design, engraving and generally doing something that closely matches what the bride or groom may be wearing. Consider your options and have a discussion before starting to look for rings, around what you both enjoy as a couple, and where you can work certain elements in, even if just to have a little secret something between the two of you. Sentimentality goes a long way, and many more couples are choosing to go this route. Whatever you decide, remember that your ring is a symbol of your love, and is not something to be skimped on upfront. There’s a reason the concept has survived thousands of years, so make sure you’re buying something that you not only like, but that will allow you to feel proud and comfortable while wearing it as well.



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