Morganite Diamond Rings – Overview

Morganite Diamond Rings – Overview

Have you ever heard of the color ‘millennial pink’? Chances are that you have. Millennials are generally identified as people born from around 1980 to the mid and late 1990s. A lot of them are now of marriable age so it makes sense that the color is popular with clothes, on Instagram feeds, hair color and very commonly- jewelry. A similar shade of ‘millennial pink’ was even named fashion’s color of the year in 2016.

If you’re like many consumers out there who are on trend and are looking for an alternative to a diamond ring- morganite is your go to stone. The stones are unique in that they are one of the few naturally occurring gemstones which come in a pink hue- or in this case, millennial pink. Morganite engagement rings are now said to be the third most popular stone in an engagement ring after sapphires! So, what should you know about morganite? Carry on reading to find out more about these pretty pink stones. 


What is morganite?

Morganite is a pink gemstone that belongs to a family of minerals called beryl. Other kinds of beryl include emerald and aquamarine. The stone was first mined on the island of Madagascar in 1910 and was named after the famous banker J.P. Morgan by his personal gemologist at Tiffany & Co. Colors of morganite vary but are most commonly found in peach, coral, salmon, pink and baby pink hues. 


How does morganite compare to diamonds? 

Morganite makes a great alternative to diamonds when it comes to rings, not only because of its gorgeous pink hue, but because you won’t be compromising on the hardiness and longevity which a diamond would provide. Jewelers and industry experts test a gemstone’s durability by putting it through a hardness test that ranks it from 1-10. This hardness scale is called Mohs 10-point Hardness Scale. Diamonds are the hardest and most durable stone in the world and are therefore a 10. Morganite ranks high on this scale as well with an impressive 7.5-8 but some stones can rank higher. Whenever you’re buying a piece of jewelry set with stones other than diamonds, it’s important to know their hardness ranking as this tells you a lot about durability and up-keep. A morganite ring in this case could last you a lifetime as it doesn’t scratch or break easily. Morganite also carries a high degree of brilliance so it’ll sparkle in a similar way to diamonds- with the added benefit of being beautifully pink. 


How much does morganite cost?

Morganite is considerably more affordable than diamond which can fetch up to tens-of-thousands of Rands just for one carat while a carat of morganite can cost a quarter (or even less) of that. It is for this reason, as well as it’s trendy appeal, that morganite jewelry has become so popular. 


Who sells morganite rings?

Any jewelry store which is on trend and caters for a wide variety of clientele. Should stock morganite jewelry- especially rings. Because the trend is still fairly new, mainstream jewelry stores may not stock a wide selection but private more ‘niche’ retailers are often more on trend and attract younger customers. Look for unique morganite rings at independent jewelry manufacturers and private retailers. 

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