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Guest Post by Faheema Mahomed


Having been invited to the Woman of Stature awards reunion in April, hosted at the Jenna Clifford Studio in Sandton, I never would have imagined how my life would change. I met all the finalists and winners of the awards and was left in awe of Jenna herself. 
I’ll never forget as a young girl, my sister Aarifa always saying, the day she weds, she wanted a Jenna Clifford ring. We used to visit the store in Sandton and “window shop” so the first time I met Jenna I was overwhelmed and she instantly knew it! What do you say to a legend that has built an empire over the years? A woman who’s spiritual knowledge surpasses anything I’ve ever been exposed to. She captivated me and her commitment towards women empowerment inspired me to get involved. 
What i found out that very night was that Jenna was an avid believer in alkalining the body. She preached this message to employees and friends alike. She got them to drink alkaline powder to combat the acidity from the lifestyles we lead. 

At my next Woman of Stature event, trying to raise money for the Youth Empowerment Learning Journey photo shoot, I took 2 bottles of Restore Health Water with me. I was going to leave the water at the Studio in the hope that they would pass it on…. Little did I know that Jenna would be in the building and on being presented with the bottle instantly knew what this would mean for the body. I said to her that we’ve been doing this for over a year and the biggest issue we were having despite the amazing reviews, was that South Africans are reluctant to change and to try something new…. 
She immediately decided that all the women’s events that would be taking place in August would have health water with Jenna Clifford and Restore Health co-branding.
In May, I inquired if Jenna does mentoring and was invited to a session with 12 other ladies at the Design Studio. Jenna said to us “Your thinking small, does not serve the world”, which has become my daily mantra. It inspires me to continue along the path to restore the health or our clients and changing the lives of people along the way. 

So you may ask, "What is Restore health water?"
The  water is micro- clustered (smaller molecules), negatively charged (ionized) which makes it an antioxidant and has a higher pH of 9.5 (alkaline). Read the full article

Tap water has a pH of 7 but a lot of the leading water brands have a pH of below 7. So take a look at the label of the next bottle of water you pick up before you take the next sip. Also we have all been misled into believing that reverse osmosis water is good for you…. Well I was never more overwhelmed when I learned that RO (Reverse osmosis) water is actually harmful to the human body…. As there is barely any nutrients left in the water, which means it is de-mineralised and ultimately leaches minerals from your bones and could lead to osteoporosis and a host of other illnesses. Read the full article

How does our water benefit you?  

It may provide; increased energy levels, balance acidity, better performance, assistance with heartburn and indigestion as well as constipation, save you money and improve your overall wellbeing. 

We have a client that have suffered from renal failure  i.e. kidney doesn’t function properly, (needed to google that when I spoke to our client). Her doctor said that she would have to eventually go onto dialysis as her kidney function periodically deterioted but after her last visit they discovered that her kidney function INCREASED!! Her doctor called her a miracle and i was left crying and overjoyed as to how something as simple as water could have such an impact. We have men and women calling me about how their health is improving and some ailments are disappearing since they’ve been drinking our water.

The information shared does not substitute medical advice in any way, but the phenomenal results we are having by just drinking the right water, is #RHWChangingLives of us as an organization and our clients on a daily basis. Read the full article.

Where can you find it? 

Restore Health Water is conveniently packaged in 500ml and 5litre bottles for on the go convenience and is available at selected pharmacies and health stores. Checkout www.restoreh2o.co.za to find your nearest stockist or have your monthly supply delivered to your door. Link

Why purchase an ionizing machine?
You may opt for your own ionizing water machine that may improve you and your family’s lifestyle even employees and co-workers. 

You will be able to produce your own water in the comfort of your own home and get the added benefit of acid water. 


What is acid water?
Little is actually known about the benefits of acid water (pH greater then 2.5 but below pH7). Acid water can be used for: 


  • Skin Care- By keeping the pH of your skin at its natural slightly acidic level of 5.5, it controls the growth of acne-causing bacteria and helps slow signs of aging like lines, wrinkles and saggy skin. 
  • Hair care- Rinse your hair to optimize the pH.
  • Gardening- The right acidic setting of water can also improve seeding and germination and can be used instead of industrial pesticides in farms. The ideal pH needed for different plants, vegetables and trees may vary so be sure to research beforehand.
  • External Healing - Use strong pH on burns, cuts, and scrapes to speed up the healing process. Also effective against athletes foot, ingrown nails and hairs, acne, minor open wounds, eye and ear infections, dry cracked skin or skin ulcers, and eczema. 
  • Natural Cleaner & Disinfectant - Eco-friendly and hypoallergenic alternative to toxic household cleaners. Make strong acid water that can disinfect e-Coli and staph on contact in 70% of all water sources. It works on tiles, countertops, and glass and is an effective sanitizer for your kitchen utensils, countertops, knives, and cutting boards. Read the full article

I love my machine and with 3 little kids, disinfect surfaces around the house, their toys and save money around the house. 


A client also used the acid water on her lemon tree which had a fungus growing on it. Within months the fungus had disappeared AND her lemon tree flourished this year. In addition her lemons were actually more juicier then ever. 


Our water has changed our lives and is doing that for our clients on a daily bases so offering the first 10 clients, who use the Promocode: JennaBlog will get a 5% discount on the purchase of their alkaline/ acid water machine for their homes. 

Once again, Jenna has changed my life and I cannot begin to explain how through her mentorship, she is transforming my life.  


Thank you Jenna and God bless!!! 


Faheema Mahomed 

Co-owner of Restore Health Water 

Facebook: Faheema_Mahomed7




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