Our Jewelry Revival Process at Jenna Clifford

Our Jewelry Revival Process at Jenna Clifford

If jewelry revival is something you’re considering this year, you may be overwhelmed by a couple of questions. This could include wondering about the metal, stone, shape and overall price you’ll pay for the process. You might also be wondering what your limitations are in terms of design and ideas. Thankfully, here at Jenna Clifford we have a long standing jewelry revival process in place, which has given thousands of people the kind of results that exceeded expectations and provided that “wow factor” to an existing piece of jewelry. Let’s explore this process, while also delving a little deeper into jewelry revival as a whole. 

What is Jewelry Revival?

A common practice in the industry, jewelry revival involves taking unused or largely unwanted pieces and converting them into phenomenal new pieces, taking on new life within your wardrobe and overall collection. Jewelry revival is common for inherited items that may need a bit of a spruce up, or to turn pieces that might have lost their sparkle over time into more modern creations, spearheaded by your own creativity. The new pieces are restored, and likely will survive for longer as a result.

The Finest Craftsmanship

When entrusting Jenna Clifford with your jewelry, you’re guaranteed that only the finest craftsmanship will be applied, by the leading experts in the field. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have over twenty years of experience specialising in bespoke designs, giving us an edge over some of our competitors who are newer to the revival process. Legacy pieces have never been easier or more affordable to update than they are today, and getting the right advice about what you should be doing can also go a long way in improving the value of the piece over time. 

Expert Advice To Kickstart The Process

To learn more about how we go about jewelry revival, you’re invited to book an obligation free appointment with one of our consultants at our flagship boutiques, which will pave the way for a discussion around how it all works, the limitations when it comes to the type of jewelry you want to redesign, as well as the costs involved. This ensures that you get the full picture before committing to the process, and you’ll also likely learn more about the piece of jewelry you’re looking to revive, which perhaps could be more valuable than you initially anticipated. 

Upload Your Heirloom Online

Alternatively, if you’re a little more tech savvy, our website was designed to give you the opportunity to upload a picture of your heirloom, as well as a couple of details of how we can reach you directly. Our consultants can then have a think among themselves before getting in touch with you about a few ideas. The website also has a section of remodelled jewelry, which can help to inspire you around some creative ideas, as well as give you a sense as to the craftsmanship of the team at Jenna Clifford. If you’re looking to transform an existing piece of jewelry into a long-standing treasure, look no further. 



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