Palladium vs Platinum – Mettle of White Metals

If you’re looking for you or your partners wedding rings made from naturally white metals, other than silver, the decision comes down to either platinum or palladium.
Yet, finding the key differences between platinum wedding rings and palladium wedding rings from a source you can trust is not easy.

Platinum and palladium are both naturally white metals that will stay white forever. The difference in colour between palladium and platinum is very minimal. Platinum rings are generally about 1 shade whiter than palladium, but there truly is a very small difference.
Unlike white gold, both platinum and palladium are not rhodium plated since they are naturally a bright white colour.

This is a great feature of both metals because it means much less maintenance than a white gold ring which could develop a yellow tinge without regular re-plating. Also, because both palladium and platinum rings develop a patina finish over time, that means even less maintenance.

Platinum vs Palladium Price

This is where palladium is always the front runner: palladium rings cost almost half the cost of platinum rings. However, this does not mean palladium is an inferior metal to platinum. In fact, many of our customers who are not budget-conscious select palladium over platinum since it isn’t inferior in any way.

The primary reason platinum rings are more expensive than palladium rings is because platinum is
much more dense than palladium (almost twice as dense)! This means to make the same ring, we need to use more grams of platinum than grams of palladium (almost twice the amount)! This is also why platinum rings are heavier than palladium rings (almost twice as heavy)!

Platinum vs Palladium Durability

In terms of hardness, both platinum and palladium are hard metals, even harder than 14K gold wedding rings. On the MOH scale, platinum is rated at a 4 and palladium, a 5. However, when alloyed, platinum goes up to a 4.5 and palladium to a 5.75.
The difference in hardness between and platinum and palladium wedding band is not significant in context to wearing over your lifetime. Both are tried and true choices.
If you still can’t decide between palladium and platinum, don’t worry. If you have the budget, go for platinum. If you don’t, then palladium is still a very precious metal and is an excellent choice for an engagement ring or wedding band.
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