Plain Engagement Rings

Plain Engagement Rings

Not every woman (or man) expects or even wants a traditional, get-down-on-one-knee proposal — and not everyone is particularly drawn to solitaire diamonds. Whether it's the news of the day or just personal preference, many couples are now opting for wedding and engagement bands that are a bit less traditional; from plain, metal bands to colored stones to creative metalwork.

Sometimes, though, shopping for a simple ring can be a very un-simple task.

What are Plain or Simple Engagement Rings?

Plain or simple engagement rings are rings with a distinct absence of a centre stone or noticeable embellishment. These rings not only put the focus on what’s important, but are also elegant and timeless! Nothing too flashy or experimental, yet dazzling and simple.

Styles have changed over time, just like fashion, hairstyles and cars, which is why simple engagement rings are so wonderful. They remain timeless and elegant through each and every season.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Choosing a Plain Engagement Ring

  1. Plain engagement rings embody a timeless mark of quality and sophistication. This style of ring has been around for ages, and it has likely lasted because of the simplicity and minimalist beauty.

  2. They’re FAR less expensive than traditional centre-stone engagement rings. Plain engagement rings are usually a little less pricey due to the lack of costly embellishments, and years down the line, less on-going expenses and maintenance.

  3. Your plain simple engagement ring will be less likely to be stolen.

  4. Plain engagement rings focus the beauty on the actual stone, whereas extravagant rings disperse the attention on the overall band, a simple ring will accentuate the stone’s beauty.

  5. If you have a very simple engagement ring, it’s easier to match the wedding bands.

  6. A plain engagement rings will most likely match your partner’s wedding ring more.

Bear in mind that a plain engagement ring might not be as unique. Sometimes, timeless and sophisticated translate into “average”.

Personalise Your Plain engagement Ring

So, out of 6 advantages and one disadvantage to this style of engagement ring, there’s already a solution to the one negative. Have your plain ring personalised!

Consider engraving or finger-print stamping the ring. This is especially a good idea for romantics and those who value sentiment.

Get it in rose gold, palladium or even platinum.

Opt for a unique stone in place of a diamond ruby or sapphire.

Most importantly, remember why you chose this style of ring. Love it for what it is and what it represents! Want to have one custom designed? Click here to get in touch with us today!



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