Popular Jewelry Ideas For Christmas Time

Popular Jewelry Ideas For Christmas Time

The festive season is one of the most magical times of the year, with people getting into holiday mode, spending time with loved ones, and splurging a little more on some of life’s sweet indulgences. Whether you’re looking to buy a Christmas gift for someone, or looking to spoil yourself after a hard year of work, finding some jewelry to wear over the festive season can be an exciting undertaking. Some jewelry items tend to be more popular around Christmas time, which we’ll outline here today. A good starting point is asking yourself what you enjoy wearing, and then doing some research from there. 

Don’t Rush When Buying Jewelry For Christmas

If you’re buying a gift for yourself or others, the important thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to rush when making purchasing decisions over this time. While you’re on holiday, you have ample amount of time on you hands, especially if you’ve switched off from work completely (which is highly advisable). Try to enjoy the process more, rather than just walking into the first store you see, or choosing the first deal you see on Google. Have a think about what you like, what would work with your current outfits, and also consider some options that will give you flexibility and choice going into the new year. No piece of jewelry should only be suitable for one occasion. 

Rose Gold as a Winning Winter Metal

Some trends remain timeless regardless of how many years go by. Rose gold is one of these trends, emanating femininity and elegance and suited well to Christmas coloured outfits including red, green and gold. If you’re looking for more of an understated look, especially as you unwind over the Christmas period, a rose gold necklace or ring can make all the difference. It is also a wonderful gift idea, in case you’re looking to buy something for mom, sister or grandmother.

Wearable Tech For Her

Don’t get a fright here. Tech jewelry (like smart watches) are on the rise, and the modern day woman needs to remain plugged into advancements at all times. Not only does wearable tech keep you looped into advancements, but it also helps to make your life easier. Athletic trackers have gone from looking like athletic trackers to some jewelers creating beautiful, luxurious versions made from some of the finest jewels. While this may not be everyone's cup of tea, it is a 2020 trend that is expected to start infiltrating other areas of the industry, so we can’t look away from it completely. 

Stackable Rings

For a more conventional route, stacking rings remain a staple for women from all walks of life. Easy to execute and with lots of options to express your creativity, putting a series of small rings together to create a bigger ring not only allows you to customise each outfit each day, but gives you the chance to explore with different stones and cuts. If variety and style are what you’re after this festive season, look no further to this traditional trend that is showing no sign of slowing down. Happy holidays!



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