Proposal Day?!

To all everyone out there thinking about popping the question this March, we know of just the date to pluck up the courage! On March the 20th we celebrate International Proposal day… Read on for more about this quirky celebration including some tips to make sure that it’s all smooth sailing on the day.

Proposal day was started by a young man called Michael O’Loughlin when his cousins boyfriend was hesitant to ask her to marry him. So, to help his cousin he told the boyfriend that with Proposal day coming up, everyone else will also be proposing, making it a bit less scary and a great opportunity to ask her to be his wife. The boyfriend was slightly sceptical and a bit surprised to learn about this strange holiday but didn’t want to disappoint her should she have some expectations on this supposedly well-known day. He decided then and there to bend the knee   Asked for her hand in marriage.

From this day onward, the trend simply seemed to catch on and every year more and more people started to join in the celebrations of by proposing. Many people feel liberated by the idea that they won’t be the only one proposing and so have started to mark the 20th of March as D-day!

Now, if you are a guy a woman taking matters into her own hands, here are some great tips you may want to consider.

  • Make sure you have the finger size of your soon to be fiancé and that the ring has been correctly sized . You wouldn’t want the ring to fly off her finger during celebrations or worse - be too small to fit (awk-waaard…).
  • One thing every girl wishes she could do is look back at that moment when she decided she wants to spend her life with you. Try to arrange a photographer if you can afford it or ask a friend or family member to capture the moment to enjoy together for years to follow.
  • Your proposal doesn’t have to be a helicopter trip to the top of the mountains or on the most expensive private beach. It can be on your patio steps, your favourite restaurant or the first place you met her. As long as it’s from the heart it will be super special.
  • Finally, if possible arrange with a friend to invite her to get their nails done. Over the next couple of days after the engagement there will be a flurry of excited and inquisitive people who will want to see the ring. She will appreciate having beautifully manicured nails to match her dream ring – Especially on the essential “I Said Yes” Instagram pic.

*To all of you planning on getting engaged, remember to enter the Jenna Clifford & Drakensberg Sun Say Yes competition where you can win a diamond and R1000 towards the design of your ring, including a fabulous two day stay at the Drakensberg Sun Resort!

Enter here until the end of March.

 Best of luck to you all and remember to enjoy this special time.



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