Replica Engagement Rings

People often choose replica diamond rings when they want to enjoy the aesthetic of a stone that looks like a real diamond, but at a more affordable price. Another, wildly more popular reason for buying replica engagement rings is for travel – especially honeymoon. A replica engagement ring can be designed to look precisely the same as your original, at a fraction of the cost and zero sentimental attachment.

So, if you (or he) lose your ring while honey-mooning or even just on holiday, your tears will be as real as the centre diamond of your replica.

What Are Replica Diamonds Made Of?

Replica diamonds are created from materials that resemble the appearance of real diamonds. Unlike synthetic diamonds, which are identical to real ones in terms of makeup, fake diamonds differ from natural diamonds when it comes to chemical and physical properties. There are many different materials that can be used to produce a faux diamond, and they vary in hardness, durability, color, and clarity.

CZ – Cubic Zirconia

This is one of the most popular diamond imitations. One of the reasons for its popularity is its low price. Cubic zirconia also looks pretty similar to real diamond.

White Sapphire

This stone is another popular substitute for real diamond. The good thing about white sapphire is that it is cheaper and reasonably colorless.


This is a very rare mineral, and the diamond imitations made of it are usually created in a lab.


Because of its abundance, this material is widely used to make fake diamonds. The good thing about glass is that it is very cheap.

Replica Diamond Rings vs Real Diamond Rings

At this point, you might be wondering why people don’t just buy a ‘replica’ instead of the actual diamond engagement ring. There are two main reasons for choosing a diamond above any other alternative replica stones. For long-term wear, diamonds are extremely durable. A ‘fake’ or replica ring, when worn daily, will wear. The polish will scuff and facets will appear worn under a lens. For this reason, replica rings should really be worn occasionally, with the real diamond engagement ring worn day-to-day.

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