Restoring Old Jewellery vs. Buying New Jewellery


Restoring Old Jewellery vs. Buying New Jewellery


Buying new jewellery is usually a treat for everyone, though sometimes, our budgets may make it a little harder to do so regularly. In these times, a good option is to explore jewellery restoration. But why do people restore old jewellery, and why might it be better to consider this rather than making a new purchase? Let’s explore the benefits of doing both.


Reasons to Restore Old Jewellery


Jewellery restoration often happens for practical reasons, when a piece of starts to get a bit dated, breaks partially, or it has been damaged or altered in some way, especially through an accident. Perhaps you have a pile of old jewellery that is stacking up, that you no longer wear, would like to pass on to the friend or family member, or simply have a wish to explore a new creative outlet.

Aside from general maintenance, any given piece of jewellery might also be restored for sentimental reasons. About to pass a ring down to your daughter or granddaughter? Perhaps it needs some restoration and a general refresh. Not only is this a nice touch, but it also allows for an object to be modernised, maintaining its sense of tradition in the process.

A creative project is also a great reason to restore an old piece of jewellery. Perhaps you’d like to fuse together two pieces, you’re considering making an alteration to a piece that is missing that je ne sais quoi factor, or you’re wanting to create something that is a little more uniquely “you”. This can be a great activity to do with a friend or sibling, or if you’re convincing enough, it can also be a nice couple's experience too.

Jewellery restoration is a great way to beat the bank (in the short term, at least). While restoring an item can be an expensive process depending on the piece, as a whole, repairing and altering pieces costs less than buying something new. If you’re under a bit of financial pressure, it’s worth considering restoration as a first, while simultaneously adding new items to your wishlist for the future. 


Buying New Jewellery


While there are many reasons to undertake a jewellery restoration project, there are also some things to consider if you’re wondering whether it may be a better idea to buy something new.

Similarly to the above, buying new jewellery can also have sentimental considerations. There are some experiences not to skimp on, including anniversaries, engagements, weddings and graduations. For these occasions, it's generally better to buy new, rather than looking at restoration, unless there is an existing piece of jewellery attached to the milestone (grandmother's ring, for example) that has significant meaning within the context of your relationship. 

Buying new rather than restoring also give you the opportunity to choose exactly what you are looking for. Restoration can be limited in a sense, given that you are working with an existing palette. When you buy new, you can be selective about what you want, as you want, including design, cut, carat and more. 

Sometimes, there are deals for new pieces, which may make them as affordable as (or even more affordable) than restoring a few of your pieces. Once you’ve gotten a quote for your restoration job, do some research for similar items across a range of stores, as you may be able to get away with a similar price, for a new item, should you wish.


What About Exploring Both?


There are many places that specialise in restoration services or new jewellery sales exclusively, though you may be in a position where you would like to consider both. At Jenna Clifford, for example, they not only provide an exquisite range of new jewellery, but also provide a unique service called “Ring Revival”, which focuses on restoring old rings to their former glory. Their team is more than happy to look at your piece of jewellery, and give you a cost estimate and turnaround time. Their team loves to get creative as well, so don’t be shy to express your desires over and above your needs. It may just lead to something even more special than you imagined. 



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