Sapphire Rings

Sapphire Rings 

Ever since Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with his mother’s 18-carat sapphire engagement ring in 2010, the world went mad over sapphires. The popularity of the stone skyrocketed as more and more people opted for rings with sapphires over other precious stones like diamonds and rubies. It is said that the late Princess Diana’s (and now the Duchess of Cambridge’s) ring is the most famous engagement ring in the world and may be worth more than R5.5 million!

If you, like many other consumers, are opting for an alternative to diamond rings, sapphires are a great choice. There are a few things you should know, however. Keep reading to learn more about sapphires and how to pick the perfect sapphire ring.


Sapphires are incredible durable and therefore are scratch and crack resistant. They rank only one level lower than diamonds on the Mohs hardness scale, coming in at 9 out of 10. You don’t need to worry about shattering your sapphire ring anytime soon!


The most common cut of sapphire stones you’ll find in jewelry stores are oval or cushion cuts. The reason for this lies with the jewelry technicians that cut the stones. You may have noticed that round shaped stones are generally more expensive, and this is due to their carat weight. This shape requires less removal from the original stone and therefore end up being larger. Having said this, there is no ‘ideal’ cut for sapphires, but oval and round styles are more common due to fashion trends. 


Sapphires are found naturally in a variety of colors but are most prized in their deep, velvety blue hues. Other colors include green, yellow, brown and pink. Pink sapphires have recently become more popular too so look out for those if you love pink colored stones. Blue however, still remains the most popular and common sapphire color of choice. 

When picking a blue sapphire ring, make sure the color is a true blue. This means not too dark or too light but something in the middle that is vibrant and velvety. 

Caring for Sapphire Jewelry 

Sapphire jewelry can be cleaned in the same way as other hard and durable stones like diamonds and should be kept away from extreme heat, cold and chemicals. To clean your ring, simply use warm, mild soapy water and soft brush. Alternatively, just take it to your nearest jeweler and they can do a professional cleaning. 

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