Sea & Sunshine - November Birthstones

How appropriate that the sunny summer's month of November has these two gorgeous gems as it's birthstones! Sunshine yellow Citrine and Topaz reminiscent of the turquoise water of pristine beaches. That's enough to get everyone geared up for the approaching holidays.

Although both Topaz and Citrine are known for their calming energies, the two gems actually have very different properties. 

Topaz come in a variety of different colours, from colorless to yellow, orange, red-brown, light to dark-blue, pink and violet to light-green. For this reason it is easily mistaken for many other gemstones. Throughout the ages Topaz has been known to bestow the qualities of strength, tenacity, dedication and resilience unto it's wearer and is believed to balance emotions and quiet thoughts, promoting a harmonious lifestyle.

Citrine is one of the most popular gemstones available today, and form part of the Quartz family. With its golden hues it is said to promote vitality, energy and good health. Also called the "Success Stone" they have long been believed to bring prosperity and good fortune to the wearer and were kept in the cash register of many a merchant.

Both gemstones have a fairly good hardness making them ideal for setting in jewellery.




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