Shaking the House, Mind and Body

In the southern hemisphere, the 1st of September has always been synonymous with renewal, rebirth and re-invention. It is Spring! The name of this season originated from its connotation to plants springing up from the ground and washing the fields, gardens and forests with a new green beauty.

But Spring doesn’t only announce the fresh new start in nature. It also lets us know the time has come for the dreaded but needed spring clean.

Spring cleaning was first known as "shaking the house", a custom practised in Iran over the Persian New Year. For two weeks they will adorn the streets with symbols of new life and burning to signify renewal and rebirth. This is a time of optimism and this vigorous cleaning ritual gets rid of the old and allows space for the new. 

Today we still celebrate these ancient traditions through many cultures and religions and should remember that it's just as important for mental and spiritual cleansing as it is physically. Over this time we are encouraged to reflect on the year that has come to pass and to clean out any negative thoughts and past grievances to allow for new positive thoughts and a happy, joyful start to a new season.

Happy Spring!



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