Shopping For Jewelry in 2020?

Shopping For Jewelry in 2020? 

Check Out These Hotspots in Johannesburg

2020 is upon as and with it, many of us are taking the “new year, new me” mantra very seriously. If this involves updating your wardrobe and jewelry this year, it pays to know where to start looking, especially when you’re putting down a pretty penny for the latter. Johannesburg has an array of incredible jewelers to choose from, but which ones have been dubbed as “hotspots” to look out for? Today, we’ll explore three of these, each renowned in their own way for their range of choices, general affordability, and overall customer service.

Why Johannesburg is a Jewelry Hotspot

Economic hub of the country aside, Johannesburg has long been known as the “City of Gold”, which can be taken literally or figuratively. The city has long been a popular destination to buy high-end jewelry and with thousands of retailers to choose from, tourists often comment on the great variety and diversity offered when shopping for jewelry here. A key to the dynamic range of options comes as a result of cultural diversity in the country, which allows for some of the most unique creative designs to choose from, regardless of whether you’re buying for everyday wear, or if you’re looking for something for a milestone occasion.

Jenna Clifford | Morningside Design Studio

Jenna Clifford has been a key player in the industry since 2002, when they opened their first store in Pretoria. Since then, they’ve grown to multiple locations across the country, employing some of the finest artisans and craftsmen on the continent. Their design studio in Morningside is definitely a hotspot to consider in 2020, considering the showroom overlooks an opulent garden, and visiting is more of an experience, rather than just a casual stroll through a store. It’s no wonder they have a full schedule of events at the location each year. 

JDC | Fourways

JDC is well known for its trendy, modern pieces of jewelry and they have a reputation to back this up that goes all the way back to 1994. Their website compliments one of their top performing stores, namely the Fourways branch, which regularly hosts monthly specials and unique items to amp up an outfit of any occasion. Their design requests service is user friendly, and turnaround times are generally quite quick, especially in comparison to some of their other competitors. JDC Fourways is a hotspot for buying jewelry in 2020 because it continues to offer interesting pieces at affordable rates, regardless of being hosted in one of the wealthiest areas in the city.

Browns | Design Studio, Sandton

We recently came across the diamond price match guarantee from Browns, which in a sense sets them apart from some of their competitors and allowed them to make our list of hotspot jewelers today. An established brand in itself, their team offers you peace of mind in ensuring you get the highest quality diamonds at the best possible prices. Their promise is that they will match the price of a diamond if a competitor is selling it for a lower price, particularly if it has comparable characteristics and the same general aesthetic. Do your research before making a purchasing decision and pop over to their Sandton store to find out if they can match any prices for you.



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