Silver vs Gold Jewelry

Silver vs Gold Jewelry 

The debate around purchasing, the pros and cons, and wearability of gold and silver jewelry have been a long-debated topic that has been dragged out for decades. You may ask yourself: Which metal suits my skin tone? What jewelry is the best for your budget? How long will my jewelry stand the test of time? These are all valid questions when you're about to invest or splurge on your next piece. Knowing certain things about gold and silver jewelry can help you buy with more piece-of-mind and assures you will buy something that suits you and your needs. 

Here are a couple of things you should know about silver and gold jewelry:




The first thing which may come to mind when thinking about silver and gold is the price. Gold is much more expensive than silver. At the time of writing this, gold cost $1420 per ounce (or a little over 28 grams), while silver costs just $16 for the same weight. However, the price of gold does fluctuate so the extreme difference in prices might lessen over time. If the budget isn’t a worry then consider the other differences below. 




One major difference in the properties of silver and gold is that gold will hold its shape better and will tarnish less than silver. Silver also tends to scratch and oxidize (turning brown or black) more than gold. This is because the silver commonly found in jewelry is combined with another metal to make it strong enough to be worn and handled without breaking. Silver will, therefore, need to be cleaned a lot more often. However, both gold and silver do need occasional cleaning, so don't think that just because you own a gold piece of jewelry that you’ll never need to send it to a jeweler for a quick polish. 


Skin Irritation 


Almost everyone is allergic to silver if worn over a long period of time. You may experience skin irritations unless you make sure to buy sterling silver. This kind of silver is hypoallergenic so is unlikely to cause a reaction on the wearer. Gold on the other hand rarely causes any allergic reactions. 




Gold jewelry is thought to be of various yellow hues and silver to be shiny grey. If you generally wear more muted colors then buying more gold jewelry may complement your wardrobe better. Silver does go with more clothing colors and is a great modern trend to follow. Gold, on the other hand, looks very smart on a formal night out or worn layered with other pieces. 

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