Summer Jewelry Trends 2019

Summer Jewelry Trends 2019 

With the seasons changing from icy and blue, to warm and colourful, this is the perfect time to update your jewelry collection in anticipation of everyone’s favourite season- summer! Like with clothes, shoes and bags, jewelry goes through seasonal trends as seen on catwalks, in magazine spreads and worn by celebrities. Summer jewelry tends to be more golden and sparkly as an ode to the summer sun as-it-were. While the original jewelry featured is almost always exorbitantly priced, jewelry shops and online retailers like Jenna Clifford are able to stock the trendiest summer pieces at a price to suit every pocket. From pearly rings, large hoops, layered gold necklaces and those ‘out-there’ neon pieces, there’s something for everyone this coming summer. 

Take a look at some of the up and coming summer jewelry trends for 2019.


Layered Necklaces 

This trend is in no way a new one, but it’s not going anywhere. The key to achieving a layered necklace look is to mix and match both light, dainty, chunky and colourful necklaces. The trend is highly customizable to your style too. If you feel more comfortable with low-key jewelry then opt for three chains of varying lengths. To make a statement however, pile on few chunky necklaces of different colours. 


Bold Gold Chains

There’s nothing like dressing up a brunch outfit or beach look with some gold jewelry. It works every time. Chunky gold jewelry has made a comeback since its hay-day in the 80’s. The trend gives any outfit a retro glam feel with the added benefit of some sparkle. To achieve the look, don’t be shy to pull out some of your chunkier pieces. The aim is to have fun with your jewelry and take risks. An over—sized gold chain can really pull together an otherwise unremarkable outfit. 


Statement Colours

As you may know, coloured precious stones like rubies, emeralds and fancy coloured diamonds have become an increasingly popular choice for engagement rings, tennis bracelets and pendants. The same goes for your everyday jewelry which you would wear on a night out or at the office. A pop of colour worn as piece of jewellery may be the most fun and surprisingly fun trend this coming summer. Look out for resin jewellery in neon shades or multi-coloured necklaces and bracelets.  



It doesn’t matter if you don’t liv by the seaside- this trend can still be for you! Shell and ocean inspired jewelry is beautiful trend which has since become popular for the summer of 2019. The kind of jewelry being referred to here is not that of tacky beach jewellery you can buy from a vendor at a holiday resort, but rather something a bit more luxurious. Shells surrounded by gold, embellished with precious stones and set atop gold bases to make statement rings, are just some of the ways to follow this trend. You may notice that the selection of pearl jewelry has also become wider. Pearls, like seashells, have also gotten a modern revamp. Look out for sparkly and chunky pearl earrings, layered pearl necklaces and ear cuffs. 

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