The Best Jewellery Stores in Gauteng


The Best Jewellery Stores in Gauteng


Gauteng is known for its wide range of jewellery stores, especially so in economic hubs like Sandton and Hyde Park, but also branching out into a few surprise locations across the province. It may feel like there are endless choices, both when you visit a traditional brick & mortar store, and when browsing online, But which stores are a cut above the rest when it comes to pricing, service and the overall experience? We’ve done some digging and found the four top jewellery stores in Gauteng, for you to consider when making your next purchase.


Jack Friedman


This popular store expresses a strong wish that clients would have a memorable experience while buying from them, be it online or in person. Established in 1933, Jack Friedman is a well-established brand in the country, partly through its sponsorships of the Miss South Africa pageant (2014 - 2018), as well as being the official engagement ring provider for the first season of The Bachelor South Africa. Talk about a forward-facing company!




For many of us, Sterns is a brand synonymous with jewellery, and we grew up seeing these stores all over malls in the country. This isn’t just a gut feeling, however; these guys will celebrate their 125th birthday in 2021, signaling their long last, trusted impact in the industry. Sterns is all about specialisation and making sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. If you’ve got your dream ring in mind, but it just doesn’t fit 100%, don’t sweat, these guys are on the job. Their brand promise places great emphasis on care and paying attention to finer details, which makes them a winner in our books.




Perhaps not as well known as the others, these guys made the cut because of their interesting online sales platform, which allows customers to choose between their best selling and latest items in a simplified and convenient fashion. NWJ offers a wide selection, ranging from love and engagement jewellery, items for women, for men, as well as gift options for either. If you’re looking to buy something in gold, consider using these guys. While they place lots of emphasis on their diamonds, their gold items are also renowned for quality, as well as being fashion forward.


Jenna Clifford


Jenna Clifford might be the youngest of the four companies, but this is not necessarily a bad thing, as they are subsequently one of the most modern jewellery providers in the industry. Their brand ethos is also impressive (and almost poetic), detailing a vision to create pieces that touch the soul and warm the heart, are crafted to the highest quality standards and is done in a way to support local manufacturers too. They should be applauded for the strides they’ve taken since opening in 1992, and might we add, that the service we received from them was notibly speedy, friendly and efficient. 

Regardless of your choice for where to buy your (or your other half’s) next piece of jewellery, you can sleep easy knowing that we’ve done the hard work for you. Buying a piece of jewellery can be a daunting prospect, especially if you’re parting with your hard earned savings, but it can also be a very memorable and enjoyable experience if you do enough research, and consider the options we’ve detailed for you here.



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