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The Colour Of Love

The Colour Of Love

Luscious red lips Italian sports cars, red velvet cupcakes and slippers in Oz.

Is it just us or do all these fun roads lead to RED? The birthstone of July is no different, and is one of the most magnificent red gems of all time: the ravishing Ruby.

This deliciously coloured gem registers a massive 9 on the mohs scale of hardness, making them only slightly softer than diamonds and exceptionally rare as well. This means that a ruby of high quality and colour can be even more expensive than similar top quality, colourless diamonds.

Long ago, ancient cultures believed that these gemstones grew on trees. Like teeny tiny fruit they would start out white and in the sunlight they would grow into plump red rubies. When they reached a full and vibrant red (like a good wine), they were ready to be plucked, bringing joy and fortune to their owner (again, like a good wine!).

We love this comparison. What better way to describe the delectable red of a shimmering ruby than the bursting ripeness of a berry, or whichever mystical fruit it may be. They really look good enough to eat. Tiny, precious little gem fruits.

Rubies are considered the stone of passion, beauty and joie de vivre. The riveting red colour expresses the most intense emotions experienced by people - Love and Anger, Passion and Vigor, Power and Determination.

Here are a few of the world’s most famous rubies:

The Graff Ruby is 8.62 carats of cushion cut splendour. London jeweller Lawrence Graff purchased it in February 2006 for a staggering USD 3,637,480.

Famous Burmese ruby ring of the Duchess of York where the famous ruby main stone is surrounded by 10 teardrop diamonds.

The Carmen Lúcia Ruby is set in a platinum ring. This impressive 23.1-carat Burmese ruby was a gift to the National Gem Collection from Dr. Peter Buck, in memory of his loving wife, Carmen Lucia Buck who so appreciated fine jewellery.

The Alan Caplan Ruby is a 15.97-carat, natural, perfect cushion-cut ruby with great clarity and deep red color. It is very transparent and with the overall quality of the ruby so close to perfection,  it achieved the highest ever per carat price for a ruby sold at an auction in the year 1988, a record that it held until the year 2006 when the Graff Ruby reached a selling price shattering the previous record.

So there you have it, a bit of informative banter on a chilly Friday in July. And should your better half have a birthday coming up this month, we can guarantee that there are few gifts more romantic than this precious little gem.

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