The Extra Mile: Best Jewelry Options For Corporate Gifting

The Extra Mile: Best Jewelry Options For Corporate Gifting

Whether you’re looking to leave a lasting impression on an employee, partner, investor or customer this Christmas, or simply looking to thank someone for years of service to your organization, a thoughtful corporate gift can make a world of difference. Gone are the days of buying a series of snow globes in bulk and sticking a stamp with the words “thank you” on there. These days, adding a personal touch goes a long way, and showing someone that you put in a bit more care and consideration when designing a gift can really do wonders for your relationship, as well as their morale in general. Let’s explore some of the best options for gifts you can consider together.

What is Corporate Gifting?

Traditionally, corporate gifting refers to giving a present to someone special to your organisation, namely a fellow director, customer or another employee, to thank them for their hard work across the year. Christmas is the best time of year to do so, not only because it makes sense to give gifts around this year, but because it ends the year on a high note and leaves a lasting impression on someone before they leave for long holiday over the festive season. Anniversaries and competitions also offer a great chance to utilise corporate gifting, and if you’re wanting to give someone an extra-special gift, exploring jewelry as a choice could be a good way to go. 

Bespoke Branded Jewelry

A piece of jewelry will go a long way, especially if you go the bespoke route, creating something that not only suits the personality of the person, but has a bit of sentimental value too. Bespoke, branded jewelry can be done tastefully and subtly; an engraved ring, for example, is a beautiful idea that not only gives the receiver something practical, but also makes them feel appreciated. When choosing jewelry as a corporate gift, the more attention to detail, the better. Please remember that this is not a branding opportunity for your business (we know you thought about it), so plastering the logo on something is not the way to go here.


When looking for a corporate gift for men, watches are an often overlooked piece of jewelry that can bring a lot of joy to the members of your management team. Watches are easy to customise, generally come in a wide range of choices, and tend to be a rather personal gesture stemming back to older generation passing down watches to their sons in the 1900’s. An engraved watch, with a personal note of thanks, will be sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone. Women are not exempt from watches as corporate gifts, and regardless of who you are buying for, make sure that they enjoy wearing watches in the first place, before investing in something as special as this.

Crystal Glass Ornaments

A lot of jewelry offer a bit of a wildcard idea when it comes to corporate gifting, in the form of crystal glass ornaments. These come in a range of shapes and sizes, and ultimately gives you the chance to create anything from a pendant for her, or a table weight for him. These ornaments, having been designed with crystal, are not your everyday items, and will be treasured by their owners. Bespoke jewellers are great at offering bulk deals for these kinds of purchases, but be careful to diversify the range of products you create, so the team doesn’t feel like you didn’t put much effort into the process. At the end of the day, the more time you invest here, the more your staff will feel appreciated, coming back in the new year with new motivation to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.



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